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Final Trailer For Action Comedy BADGES OF FURY

With the mainland China premiere today for the action comedy Badges of Fury with Jet Li and Wen Zhang as the cop duos, Enlight Pictures has release the final "All-star" trailer that features an overview of the cast.  There is... More »
By Al Young   

More Ass Kicking Action In International BADGES OF FURY Trailer

Did you feel letdown with the martial arts taking a backseat to the goofy comedy in the last few trailers to the cop thriller Badges of Fury? Well, don't worry because an international trailer intended for the Singapore market (via... More »
By Al Young   

Meet The Lovely Ladies In Third Trailer For Action Comedy BADGES OF FURY

Enlight Pictures has unveiled the third trailer for the Wang Zi Ming directed / Po Chu Chui produced action comedy Badges of Fury.  While the previous trailers puts the ass-kickery of Jet Li and the zany antics of Wen... More »
By Al Young   

Jet Li Soars Into Action In BADGES OF FURY Trailer

Enlight Pictures has unveiled the first trailer for the Wang Zi Ming-directed/Po Chu Chui-produced action comedy Badges of Fury. In true buddy cop fashion, Jet Li as Huang Fei Hong is a hard boiled cop capable of delivering ass-kicking martial... More »
By Al Young   

Review: Stephen Chow's JOURNEY TO THE WEST: CONQUERING THE DEMONS Dazzles, Frightens, and Still Tickles the Funny Bone

Frequently adapted for the big screen, the latest version of Journey to the West has quickly become one of the highest grossing films in China's box office history. That's not surprising, really, given the recent penchant for black comedy in... More »

First Poster For Cop Thriller BADGES OF FURY Has Jet Li Packing Heat

Hot on the heels of the European Film Market, the first promotional art for the cop actioner Badges of Fury (aka The One Detective) has debuted via Easternlight Films, featuring an explosive Jet Li standing tall and gun ready.  The... More »
By Al Young