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Review: THE CONJURING Will Scare You, Not Scar You

Let's be blunt: most wide-release horror films are bad. They tend to be either watered-down, teen-friendly PG-13 mediocrities that aren't scary; or gruesome, R-rated endurance tests that aren't scary either. It almost feels miraculous when something genuinely scary finds its... More »
By Eric D. Snider   

Trailer for THE CONJURING Aims To Scare You By Clapping

I applaude the framing of the above image taken from James Wan's new horror film, The Conjuring.  Yet the trailer also has the unfortunate side effect of reminding me how much more emotionally attached I was to the children's games... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

BATES MOTEL Trailer Threatens To Unleash A Teenage Serial Killer

Something about this trailer makes me feel queasy. It's not that the images are shocking, or the idea that U.S. basic cable channel A&E is making the prequel to Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 horror classic the basis of a weekly television... More »
By Peter Martin