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Full Disclosure 2014 The Directors Cut: Tony Scott

Every month on Full Disclosure, we select a filmmaker who is or would be celebrating their birthday, and use that as an excellent excuse to throw the spotlight on them and their career. Members of Team Twitch seek out a... More »
By James Marsh   

Trailer: ARCHER Feels "The Need...The Need For Speed"

Behold - characters from what is perhaps the finest comedy in the history of artistic expression riffing on the best F16 F-14 Tomcat training school Tony Scott movie ever made. For those too young to remember when MTV played music... More »
By Jason Gorber   

Twitchvision: Talking IDENTITY THIEF, SIDE EFFECTS, TOP GUN 3D, And More

Back in the studio this week, talking about the egregious hell that is Identity Thief, my ambivalence towards Side Effects, and the cinematic rush of Top Gun 3D, along with some words about A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles... More »
By Jason Gorber   

First Five Movies: Director Tony Scott, From THE HUNGER To DAYS OF THUNDER

Isn't war sexy and cool? From a thematic standpoint, Top Gun is repellant, yet it's filmed with undeniable style and gusto by Tony Scott. And now the greatest music video of the 80s is returning to North American IMAX theaters... More »
By Peter Martin   

I Feel the Need...The Need for TOP GUN in IMAX 3D!!!

"Is this your idea of fun, man?" Why yes, Goose, it really does conform with my idea of fun.We finally have a release date for the IMAX 3D post-convert of Tony Scott's sublime Top Gun. A deliciously homoerotic jingoistic recruitment... More »
By Jason Gorber