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Trung Rwo's Top 10 Worst Movies of 2014

Is it too late for a list like this? Even if so, I still decided to make a list of some films that I never want to see again. Similar to last year, these films may not necessarily bad, but they're... More »
By Trung Rwo   

Destroy All Monsters: The 2-Hour Version Of THE HOBBIT

I'm sure someone is fan-editing this even as I type, but since it's a slow week and since no one alive would actually want to watch a two-hour speculative video composed entirely of content we've already seen in eight-plus hours... More »
By Matt Brown   

Destroy All Monsters: The Lessons Of THE HOBBIT

As an exercise in Hollywood franchise-making in the 21st century, Peter Jackson's The Hobbit is fantastically instructive. The final film in the cycle emerges today -- I've yet to see it; you can read Jason Gorber's review here-- but long... More »
By Matt Brown   

Hobbitty Twitches: Our Favorite Film Dragons

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is now in cinemas all over half the world, an will soon arrive in the other half as well. And for those who saw the end of The Hobbit: The Desolation of... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Destroy All Monsters: Trumbullvision

Earlier this month, as part of the Stanley Kubrick exhibit and retrospective at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, visual effects wizard Douglas Trumbull was in town to demo his proof-of-concept film for his next generation high-frame-rate presentation format, MAGI. Sort of... More »
By Matt Brown   

Leave Sauron To Saruman In The Final Trailer For THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES

The stage and stakes are set. The characters and conflicts established. All that remains is for the complex climax of competing wills - and armies - to play themselves out. Word is that the final installment in Peter Jackson's cinematic Middle-Earth... More »
By Stuart Muller   


Peter Jackson has shared the first poster for The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies ahead of the big event Warner Brothers has planned for San Diego Comic-Con. And it is a ripper!The poster is clearly intended to remind... More »
By Stuart Muller   


Okay, that's not the actual title. Nor is it Bring Me More Gold, I Don't Have Enough Yet And If You Don't I'll Pad Out The Story Even More. No, the third Hobbit film has jettisoned the original There And... More »
By Todd Brown   

Korean Box Office: Song Kang-ho Proves He's B.O. King with THE ATTORNEY

With the help of a homegrown offering's huge opening, business came booming back by soaring over the three million mark for the first time in months. The pre-Christmas weekend saw 61% of tickets got to local films. Title Release... More »
By Pierce Conran   

Bilbo, Smaug And Thorin Meet Dandalf The Disco Wizard

Here we go, Hobbit fans ... Berlin based prankster Daniele Rizzo managed to land video interviews with stars Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Richard Armitage (that'd be Bilbo, Smaug and Thorin) and, as per his normal lunacy, showed up in... More »
By Todd Brown   

Korean Box Office: Jeon Do-yeon No Match for THE HOBBIT

Despite a major new local release, the Korean film industry was held at bay once again as the pairing of Jeon Do-yeon and Ko Soo wasn't enough to prevent the new Hobbit from taking first place. 2.24 million tickets were... More »
By Pierce Conran   


When last year's The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey hit, I addressed the central question being asked by most fans of the Lord of the Rings films: "How could something so relatively slight, an explicitly childish work that's little more... More »
By Jason Gorber   


Hobbits and elves and humans, oh my! Yes, kids, the second installment in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy hits screens December 13 and that means it's time for a new trailer along with some character banners that may very well... More »
By Todd Brown   

First Shot Of Evangeline Lilly As Tauriel In THE HOBBIT

Poor Evangeline Lilly, people are going to hate her pretty much no matter what. When Peter Jackson's Hobbit Boogaloo hits screens later this year it'll be Lilly who, through no fault of her own, will almost certainly be the lightning... More »
By Todd Brown   

TTTT: An American Film Geek's Bottom 10 for 2012

Many a film critic, including at times even the most positive and altruistic of us, take a certain mean delight in unleashing our master lists of the year's biggest stinkers. The temptation to avenge what may be an assault on... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Lord of the Memes: The Soviet Version of THE HOBBIT For Your Viewing Pleasure

The Internet is occasionally a remarkable place, a wonderland where people can plop up things that you simply wouldn't have believed to have existed.Some intrepid YouTubers have put onto the video sharing service the 1985 Soviet film Хоббит, or The... More »
By Jason Gorber   

Fantasy, More Real Than Real: THE HOBBIT, HFR And The Future Of Movies

Earlier this year, I found myself at a friend of a friend's apartment watching Tod Browning's 1932 masterpiece Freaks through the "motion smoothing" filter on his HD TV.  For me, the resulting video-like image of what should be the opposite... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Opening: THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. Now It's Time For Moviegoers To Weigh In.

An event movie if ever there was one, Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey rolls out across North America at midnight tonight, giving night owls the chance to pass 169 minutes in the company of Bilbo, Gandalf, Gollum, more... More »
By Peter Martin   

Jason Gorber's Cineruminations: THE HOBBIT, 48 Frames Per Second, and A Whole New Journey

"To a regular cinemagoer...attendance at the motion-picture playhouse today is a continuously disturbing experience...The discovery that the shadowy images of the screen could be made articulate was as fruitful for exploitation to the captains of the cinema industry as was... More »
By Jason Gorber