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AVENGERS 2 to Shoot in Korea, Local Actress Cast as Villain

Joss Whedon's blockbuster sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron is planning to shoot some sequences in and around Seoul later this year. When news surfaced and caught fire in Korea last week it seemed like it might have been a rumor... More »
By Pierce Conran   

TTTT: Marvel's IRON MAN 3 Message to Comic Book Fans

One of the many old clichés in superhero comic books is a big blurb on the cover promising some massive Earth-shaking event, with the qualifier, "Because you demanded it!!!" "Because you demanded it! The ultimate showdown with Thanos!" Or,... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Destroy All Monsters: Daddy Issues Are For Pussies, and Other Things I Learned From IRON MAN 3

"That's how Dad did it; that's how America does it; and it's worked out pretty well so far," Tony Stark / Robert Downey Jr. quipped in Iron Man, in a glib one-liner delivered to a hungry batch of arms-buyers,... More »
By Matt Brown   

Twitchvision: Talking IRON MAN 3 and More HOT DOCS!

With Hot Docs winding down this weekend, was time to highlight a couple more faves, from the Ross Brother's 3-hour-epic River, through Caucus, After Tiller, and 12 O'Clock Boys. Full reviews of these to come, so consider these a video... More »
By Jason Gorber   

Tony Stark Calls Out The Mandarin In New IRON MAN 3 Clip

While I personally would be interested to witness Tony Stark calling out IN Mandarin that is not what is happening in the latest clip from the Shane Black directed Iron Man 3. No, what's happening is that Robert Downey's titular... More »
By Todd Brown   

New IRON MAN 3 TV Spot Faces Off

Just in case you'd missed who the villain was in Marvel's upcoming Iron Man 3 here comes a new TV spot to clear that up for you. It's Ben Kingsley and his many, many rings starring as The Mandarin in... More »
By Todd Brown   

IRON MAN 3 Trailer Delivers What Has Been Promised

[UPDATED with correct new trailer, plus International Trailer featuring new footage.] After all the teasing, a full-blown trailer for Marvel's Iron Man 3 has finally arrived, and it fits exactly into the expectations that have been raised: a remorse-filled Tony... More »
By Peter Martin   

Robert Downey Jr. Options Episode Of UK Show BLACK MIRROR

Warner Bros. has optioned the third episode, "The Entire History of You," from the first season of Charlie Brooker's incredible show Black Mirror. The show was written by Peep Show scribe Jesse Armstrong and he has been signed on to translate... More »
By Andrew Mack   

New IRON MAN 3 Poster And Super Brief Tease

Yes, it's football silly season, which means that every major film under the sun along with some that aren't but wish they were is currently pimping the TV ads they'll run on Sunday with super brief teaser clips online. It's... More »
By Todd Brown