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It's White Moses Versus White Pharoah Saving A Bunch Of White Guys From The Other Bunch Of White Guys, None Of Whom Should Actually Be White.

Oh, Ridley Scott, you're wacky. Also, Joel Edgerton: Bald is not a good look for you.... More »
By Todd Brown   

Extended Cut Of Ridley Scott's THE COUNSELOR Coming In February

February cannot come too soon. After audiences unwisely ignored Ridley Scott's A-lister ensemble neo-noir and critics unfairly savaged it in print and online, it seems The Counselor is getting an extended cut for its Blu-ray release on the February 11.... More »

THE VATICAN: Ridley Scott Rejected

First, ciritcs and audiences fled in horror from the genius of The Counselor, and now premium cable network Showtime has rejected Ridley Scott too, declining to move forward after seeing the pilot episode that he directed for the dramatic series... More »

Twitchvision: Jason Gorber Talks ALL IS LOST, THE COUNSELOR and THE SUMMIT

As a certain Jackass takes the top spot, there are still a slew of Oscar contenders making their way to theatres this week. Robert Redford soaker All Is Lost has the makings of a great film, but falls apart towards... More »

Review: THE COUNSELOR, Deranged, Dazzling, And Diabolical

I was slack-jawed and spellbound while watching Cormac McCarthy's first original screenplay unfold on screen. Diabolically unpredictable and wildly discursive, problematic yet bold, the story itself is not the thing: it's the characters and the words, and the twisted criminal... More »

Full Disclosure: Twitch's Lists Of Shame - August

This month's Full Disclosure includes some real highlights of the early Hollywood era, including pivotal works from Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Howard Hawks. Our team also widens its experience of World Cinema by catching up with top-tier... More »

Watch The New UK Trailer For Ridley Scott's THE COUNSELOR

The new UK trailer for the Ridley Scott directed / Cormac McCarthy penned thriller The Counselor focuses less on Javier Bardem's crazy hair and more on the actual story of the film. Which means lots more Fassbender. And more Fassbender... More »
By Todd Brown   

Second, Extended Teaser For Ridley Scott's THE COUNSELOR

Working from the first ever original script by acclaimed author Cormac McCarthy, director Ridley Scott has assembled an incredible cast for his upcoming effort The Counselor. Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz headline this tale... More »
By Todd Brown   

Fassbender, Pitt, A Cheetah And Bardem's Crazy Hair In First Teaser For THE COUNSELOR

[It's out in English now, too! Check it out below!]If there has been a more anticipated film than Ridley Scott's The Counselor in recent years, I don't know what it is. From the moment word got out that Cormac McCarthy... More »
By Todd Brown   

PROMETHEUS Sequel Set to Fly

I came out of World War Z, penned in part by Damon Lindeloff, to hear some interesting news - his name, it seems, isn't the one coming up as the obvious person to continue prebooting Ridley Scott's newest franchise.If Variety... More »

Like It Or Not, PROMETHEUS 2 Is Coming

One of the most divisive films of last year was Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Hey, only kidding - after the Phantom Menace-eqsue want-it-to-be-good spark faded from our eyes, most of us had to admit it wasn't very good and didn't make... More »

Matthew Goode Joins Kyle Chandler In Ridley Scott's THE VATICAN

Hollywood is nothing if not a town that loves "coincidental" timing, so it should be no surprise that U.S. premium cable channel Showtimes has announced the casting for its prospective new series The Vatican in the wake of Pope Benedict's... More »

Watch Ridley Scott-Produced Coca-Cola Short THE POLAR BEARS

Every year during Christmas time it's a tradition for Coca-Cola to present an animated commercial with their mascot polar bears as part of their marketing campaign.  This year, the company has collaborated with producer Ridley Scott and the digital effects... More »
By Al Young   

Jason Gorber's Cineruminations: PROMETHEUS, Preboots, and Parasitic Cinema

Stepping back from the fracas that occurred within the nerdosphere over the release of Ridley Scott's latest film, one of the more interesting tensions that rose was between those that steadfastly refused to consider it a sequel to the Alien... More »