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Tampa Crisis To Get Big Screen Treatment In Matthew Saville's DARK VICTORY

Just before films premiere at festivals or are released into cinemas, one can expect the producers of the next project with the director or star to announce news of their next project as it's likely to be well reported. This rule... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   

Film Comment Selects 2013 Review: CALL GIRL Is Much More Than The Story Of A 14 Year Old Prostitute

As a viewer, I like to know as little as possible about a film going in. So when I scan the festival blurbs my eyes are looking for certain key words to jump out and grab my attention (and no,... More »

Review: XL Reveals The Ugly Side Of Icelandic Politics

Here we are, four years after the financial crash and artists are still commenting on the events that led to it. Fueled by stories of greed, political corruption and over abundance, it's easy to find material to tell and... More »
By Swarez