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Twitch Presents The Only Year End List That Matters

Yes, yes, 'quality', blahblahblah. Let's be honest: 'Good' movies are all well and good and help us all to name drop things that will make us appear smart in casual conversation but, really, if we're honest, it's not 'quality' that... More »
By Todd Brown   


Now that the World Cup is over, for Mexico that is, it's time to get back to the movie theaters! This week marks the wide release in Mexico of several worth while films, including the latest work of such auteurs as... More »

Independent Filmmakers' Showcase Fest To Open With Prize-Winning THE AGE OF REASON

The Independent Filmmakers' Showcase (IFS) Film Festival rolls into Los Angeles on May 27 with some of the year's best indie films in tow. Opening the festival at the Beverly Hills Music Hall is Jordan Harris and Andrew Schrader's... More »
By Ryland Aldrich   

Cineteca Nacional's Muestra 56 Lineup: THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, THE WIND RISES, NYMPHOMANIAC, And More

Cineteca Nacional announced the rather surprising decision of returning to a former format for its most important film event, the Muestra International de Cine (International Showing of Cinema). Now we will have two Muestras in the year, one in spring... More »

The Many Faces Of Stellan Skarsgård

This week, Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac will be released (or unleashed, perhaps a better word here) in the United States. In that film, Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) tells a stranger the story of her life. The patient listener is Seligman, played... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Review: NYMPHOMANIAC: VOLUME I Teases And Entices

When discussing Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac within team Twitch, I suddenly realized a couple of things that surprised me. One, that I've never been disappointed yet by a Lars Von Trier film. Two, how few Lars Von Trier films I've... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Producer Louise Vesth: "I Am The Management Behind Lars' Brand". An Interview With The NYMPHOMANIAC Producer

Nymphomaniac was easily one of the most anticipated films of 2014, a new creation by Danish master provocateur Lars Von Trier whose path to the big screen was paved with sometimes cryptic and sometimes funny promotional campaign teasing the... More »
By Martin Kudlac   

Just In Time For Valentine's Day: A Family-Friendly NYMPHOMANIAC: VOLUME I Trailer!

"What are you rebelling against?" "Love."Yes, it's too bad that couples across the United States can't celebrate Valentine's Day huddled together in a theater, holding each other tight as Lars Von Trier guides them on an erotic cinema odyssey. But the... More »
By Brian Clark   

Review: NYMPHOMANIAC PART 1 Teases, Entices...

When discussing Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac within team Twitch, I suddenly realized a couple of things which surprised me. One, that I've never been disappointed yet by a Lars Von Trier film. Two, how few Lars Von Trier films I've... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Mark Your 2014 Calendars For Lars Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC

Magnolia Pictures has announced the official U.S. release dates for Lars Von Trier's two-part erotic epic Nymphomaniac, which the press release assures us contains "graphic depections of sexuality to a degree unprecedented in a mainstream feature film." So uh, welcome... More »
By Brian Clark   

Watch A New Clip From Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC

If you, like me, thought that Lars Von Trier and Team Nymphomaniac would take a little break from the marketing machine following the recent release of the film's trailer, well ... we were wrong.A new clip has been released from... More »
By Todd Brown   

NYMPHOMANIAC: Von Trier Gets His Metal On With Wildly NSFW First Trailer

Lest there be any remaining doubts as to the sexual content of Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac, the first trailer is here to make things very clear in a manner that seems destined to be removed from YouTube in very short... More »
By Todd Brown   

Von Trier Surrenders Control Of NYMPHOMANIAC, Ninety Minutes Removed From Final Cut

Is there a new controversy brewing over Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac? There could well be. The Nymphomaniac conversation has thus far revolved around the film's extreme sexual content but the real drama seems to be occurring behind the camera rather... More »
By Todd Brown   

Lars Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIC Gets Down And Dirty With Bach In The Latest (And Totally NSFW) Clip

When last we checked in with Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac, we got a swatch of posters that were no less than... striking. Before that we got a clip from chapter 4 of the film that was far more somber, and... More »
By Ben Umstead   

Udo Has An Orgasm In The New Poster Campaign For Lars Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC

Ever wondered what Udo Kier looks like when having an orgasm? Stellan Skarsgard? Uma Thurman? Willem Dafoe? Charlotte Gainsbourg? Jamie Bell? Christian Slater? Connie Nielsen? Well, wonder no more because a new poster campaign has arrived for Lars Von Trier's... More »
By Todd Brown   

Lars Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC Gets Literary In The Latest Clip

The marketing train for Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac keeps on rolling! All aboard for the latest clip, which is decidedly more somber and monochrome that what's been released previously. But at least the framing of this also-just released still promises... More »
By Brian Clark   

Pay A Visit To The Whoring Bed In New Clip From Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC

Uma Thurman leads a tour of the 'whoring bed' in the latest clip released from Lars Von Trier's upcoming Nymphomaniac, Thurman clearly playing a character whose husband has dallied with the titular character and fully embraced the concept of public... More »
By Todd Brown   

Watch Shia LaBeouf In Second Clip From Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC

Hot on the heels of yesterday's image of Shia LaBeouf in Lars Von Trier's upcoming Nymphomaniac, a second clip from the film has been released online taken from the second chapter of the film featuring LaBeouf as Jerome."Love is just... More »
By Todd Brown   

Watch A Clip From Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC

As Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac edges ever closer to release the question becomes when we'll get a significant look at the Danish maverick's sexually explicit opus. And the answer is today with the release of a clip from the first... More »
By Todd Brown   

Lars von Trier Creates A New Film Genre, Unveils NYMPHOMANIAC Chapter Titles

Uncle Lars never gets dull that's for sure. In an announcement delivered to the trades, Danish auteur and provocateur Lars von Trier has revealed that for his new film Nymphomaniac, he wants to introduce a new genre called Digressionism, ie. to... More »
By Simon de Bruyn   
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