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Donnie Yen Freezes No More And Finally Cometh In Hong Kong Trailer For ICEMAN 3D

Production problems over the high cost budget and shooting complication has stalled Law Wing Cheong's period/modern actioner Iceman 3D for a long while but after overcoming this temporary setback, the remake to Clarence Fok's Iceman Cometh is finally ready to... More »
By Al Young   

Watch High School Girls Kick More Ass In This New Look At HIGH KICK ANGELS

Our first preview of the action movie High Kick Angels arrived last week in a promo video, but it was mostly a mashed-up video of fight scenes from other films, revealing only a few shot of actual footage and some... More »
By Al Young   

Noah Segan To Get Punched By Marko Zaror In REDEEMER

Ernesto Díaz Espinoza's next with fellow Chilean, and rising martial arts star, Marko Zaror is continuing to shape up with the casting of American Noah Segan. Most recently seen at SXSW in psychological horror Starry Eyes, and best known to... More »

THE RAID 2 Invades New York: Interviews With Iko Uwais And Julie Estelle

Shortly before the New York City red carpet premiere of The Raid 2 {orig. title:The Raid 2: Berandal}, I caught up with Iko Uwais, reprising his role as everybody's favourite Indonesian undercover cop, and Julie Estelle, who told me all... More »

New RAID 2 Trailer Lays A Beating

Yes, we're late to the party on the new US trailer for The Raid 2 - it was that sort of weekend - but, well, there is one. And if you want to see prisoners beaten with sticks in the... More »
By Todd Brown   

Watch Cute Girls Kick Ass In HIGH KICK ANGELS Promo Videos

Back in 2009, High Kick Girl and Karate Girl producer Nishi Fuyukiko oversaw the introduction of karate prodigy Takeda Rina to great stardom in the Japanese martial arts genre. With an eye for discovering new talent, Nishi has assembled not... More »
By Al Young   

THE RAID 2: Watch A Second Behind The Scenes Reel

With Gareth Huw Evans' The Raid 2 hitting screens in the US on March 28th - the release begins in New York and LA and will spread rapidly from there to cover all major markets - a second extensive behind... More »
By Todd Brown   

Marko Zaror Returns As The REDEEMER

Our love for Chilean martial artist Marko Zaror is no secret around here. We've been raging fans since we first came across him in Kiltro - his first of three collaborations to date with writer-director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza - and... More »
By Todd Brown   

This Exclusive WRATH OF VAJRA Clip Comes With Extra Wrath

Law Wing-Cheong's Hong Kong fight flick The Wrath Of Vajra hits home video and VOD in the USA next week and just in case you're wondering just how much wrath Vajra has, well, the answer is a lot as evidenced... More »
By Todd Brown   

Get Behind The Scenes Of THE RAID 2

Want to know how they construct the elaborate fight sequences in The Raid movies? Well, with The Raid 2 hitting screens in the US and other parts of the world March 28th a lengthy, ten minute long, behind the scenes... More »
By Todd Brown   

It's Andy On Versus Donnie Yen In This Exclusive SPECIAL ID Clip

Donnie Yen fans in the US will be able to indulge in the screen icon's latest martial arts offering, Special ID, with its limited theatrical run beginning tomorrow at LA's Laemmle NOHO 7 and the film also hitting VOD platforms... More »
By Todd Brown   


China's most stunning leading lady Fan Bingbing is set to not only bewitch audiences with her gorgeous looks, but will also unleash her cold hearted scorn in Jacob Cheung's wuxia fantasy epic The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom. Its... More »
By Al Young   

Watch An Exclusive Clip From Danish Martial Arts Short ECHOES OF A RONIN

Director Shaky Gonzalez and star David Sakurai have teamed up to create something very unusual for their homeland of Denmark: A martial arts drama rooted in the Japanese bushido code. Sweden's Tim Man - a rapidly rising star in the... More »
By Todd Brown   

Bullets, Blades And Fists Fly In The Trailer For James Lee's SECOND LIFE

Maylasia's James Lee doesn't appear to know how to take a break. Hugely prolific, with his work crossing multiple genre boundaries with his career bouncing back and forth between indie and studio work, Lee has taken a step back from... More »
By Todd Brown   

Full Disclosure 2014 The Directors Cut: Tsui Hark

This year on Full Disclosure we are focusing on a different celebrated filmmaker each month and getting ourselves better acquainted with their body of work. Last week, Hong Kong institution Tsui Hark celebrated his 64th birthday, and so in recognition... More »

We Have The Exclusive US Trailer & Poster For WRATH OF VAJRA Right Here!

Hotly anticipated Chinese martial arts/horror hybrid The Wrath of Vajra is scheduled to open theatrically in Hong Kong on March 6th, however, only 12 days later on March 18th it'll hit store shelves in the US, thanks to Asian film... More »
By J Hurtado   

Trailer: Finally Hong Kong Will Witness The WRATH OF VAJRA!

Originally scheduled for a release back in the summer of 2013, Law Wing Cheong's martial arts/horror hybrid has finally landed a domestic release date, and is set to screen in Hong Kong from 6 March.Marking the first lead role for... More »

Get Behind The Scenes Of Indie Fight Flick UNLUCKY STARS

We've been keeping a close eye on director Dennis Ruel and his indie fight flick Unlucky Stars around these parts for a good while now. And why not? The crowd funded effort boasts an impressive crew of highly skilled martial... More »
By Todd Brown   

Watch The Final Trailer For THE MONKEY KING

Yesterday saw the unveiling of the "Ultimate" trailer for Cheang Pou Soi's fantasy event film The Monkey King with action actor/director Donnie Yen as the title character caught in the middle of an epic battle between the Jade Emperor from... More »
By Al Young   

Sundance 2014 Review: THE RAID 2 Sets a New High Point for Violent Action Cinema

It was no hyperbole when we called The Raid: Redemption "the best action movie in decades." That film redefined martial arts cinema for the 21st century and announced Gareth Evans as one of the most exciting young directors working... More »
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