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THE REBEL Team Reunites For Time Travel Rock And Roll Comedy FAN CUONG

Thai Hoa takes the lead in upcoming Vietnamese time travel rock and roll comedy Fan Cuong and while Hoa may not be familiar to audiences outside of Vietnam the rest of the team here certainly is. Fan Cuong brings together... More »
By Todd Brown   

Fingers Point In All Directions Over Leak Of Banned Vietnamese Film CHO LON

Ten days after the leak of Cho Lon nothing appears clear here in Vietnam. Immediately following the banned film's appearance on the internet production company and distributor Galaxy Film JSC sent a letter to the authorities to denounce and suggest an investigation... More »
By Trung Rwo   

Vietnamese Directors Speak Out On CHO LON and Censorship

The banning of the Nguyen brothers' Cho Lon caused extreme rage in Vietnam yesterday. And not just for filmmakers or film geeks, but all over the country; I haven't seen anything like this before. Previously banned films came and went... More »
By Trung Rwo   

THE REBEL Director Hitting The Road With Buddy Comedy YOUNG TEO

The Nguyen Brothers are getting back together, writer-director Charlie and star Johnny teaming up for what is being billed as Vietnam's first ever road comedy, Young Teo. The Nguyen Brothers, of course, are best known for their first team up... More »
By Todd Brown   

Johnny Nguyen's CHO LON Blocked By Vietnamese Censors

Been looking forward to seeing star Johnny Nguyen and the creative team behind The Rebel kick some more ass? You're going to have to keep waiting. It was announced today that the film has not been able to pass Vietnamese... More »
By Todd Brown   

Get Behind The Scenes With Johnny Nguyen In CHO LON

See that man with the knife? That's Johnny Nguyen, one of only two people on the face of the planet to have fought both Jet Li and Tony Jaa on screen. He's not only lived to tell the tale, he's... More »
By Todd Brown   

Machetes! Face Kicks! Johnny Tri Nguyen's Gangster Action Flick CHO LON Trailer Is Here

We're acolytes of Johnny Tri Nguyen's brand of ass-whupping here at Twitch, so any time new Nguyen footage appears, we are on it. The most recent film we've been tracking is his gangland martial arts film, Cho Lon, and there... More »
By J Hurtado