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James Franco Is All Set To RANT

If there are two names that get people flapping and flaming their lips more than most, that'd be renaissance man extraordinaire James Franco and mostly author Chuck Palahniuk. And now since Franco has optioned the rights to Palahniuk's novel Rant,... More »

Review: James Franco's CHILD OF GOD Is A Revelation

Love him or hate him, James Franco has one of the more interesting Hollywood careers going these days. My own relationship with the man was born of indifference and suckled at the teat of hatred, thanks in no small part to... More »

Review: THIRD PERSON, Awful People In An Awful World

As amply evidenced by his latest film, Third Person, Paul Haggis is a purveyor of pain, which isn't something I would ever expect from someone who wrote for the 1980s TV sitcom The Facts of Life and created small-screen shows... More »

Joshua Chaplinsky's Favorite Films of 2013 Are Better Than Yours

I mean, that's gotta be what he thinks, right? Or else why would he be putting them on the internet for all to see? (And by "all" we mean obligated friends and family members, and those precious few window shoppers... More »

Review: HOMEFRONT, Jason Statham Squares Off Against Meth Dealers

Some higher profile names than you might expect grace Jason Statham's latest outing as a lead. Produced and written (some time ago) by none other than Expendables stablemate Sylvester Stallone, Homefront is bolstered by an eclectic supporting cast that... More »

DOC NYC 2013: Award Winners and More Reviews

DOC NYC wrapped this past Thursday, and the jury awards have been announced. In the Viewfinders Competition, "chosen for their distinct directorial visions," according to the festival, the Grand Jury Prize winner was Mahdi Fleifel's A World Not Ours, a... More »

James Franco Will Happily Pour Gasoline Down Your Throat Unless You Watch This Red Band Trailer For HOMEFRONT

I'm sorry Jason Statham, but when your gravely-voiced tough guy type is put up against villains played by James Franco and Winona Ryder, well, buddy, you're automatically sent to second-tier status in your movie.And the movie in question is Homefront.... More »

New York Film Fest 2013 Review: Praise the Lord! James Franco's CHILD OF GOD Is A Revelation

Love him or hate him, James Franco has one of the more interesting Hollywood careers going these days. My own relationship with the man was born of indifference and suckled at the teat of hatred, thanks in no small part... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: PALO ALTO Ushers In A New Generation Of Angst

It's difficult to imagine what kind of pressure having the last name Coppola brings to a young girl interested in becoming a filmmaker. With an aunt who has continually churned out interesting (if divisive) hits, a well-respected filmmaker uncle,... More »

Euro Beat: New Films From Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders and... Orson Welles!?

In the latest installment of Euro Beat, I'll be taking a look at several brand new (at least,new to the public), very significant projects  originating from unlikely places. As always, click through the gallery below for additional European news briefs... More »

Venice 2013: Full Lineup Includes Sono Sion & Miyazaki Hayao

The Venice Film Festival's complete lineup is here! Competing for the Leone D'Oro are such veteran auteurs like American documentarian Errol Morris (The Unknown Known), ex Monty Python-er Terry Gilliam (The Zero Theorum), Japanese sensei Miyazaki Hayao (The Wind Rises)... More »

James Franco To Adapt William Faulkner's THE SOUND AND THE FURY

William Faulkner has remained one of my favourite writers since I started reading his work when I was probably too young to grasp his genius. One of the cornerstones of literary modernism, his elegaic and experimental prose was ahead of... More »

Review: THIS IS THE END, Celebrity Friends Laughing At Themselves And The Apocalypse

If you can't trust your best friend(s) when the world ends, who can you trust? Making their directorial debut, Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen have built a vehicle that is customized to fit the talents of their friends. Loosely constructed,... More »

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Talk THIS IS THE END

I sat down last week as part of a round table discussion with directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, discussing what I hope will be one of the great film successes of the summer. This is the End is... More »

James Franco To Star In Wim Wenders' EVERY THING WILL BE FINE

The peculiar career path of James Franco takes another interesting turn with word that the star has taken on the lead role in Wim Wenders' 3D drama Every Thing Will Be Fine and while it's been quite some time since... More »
By Todd Brown   

TTTT: On Eating New Orleans (and OZ)

Tudor's Twitchin' Travel Tours has always had a travel motif. If one were to go back and look at all my "TTTT" column banner graphics (and you know you want to!), the one consistent element would be that they... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Review: OZ THE GREAT AND THE POWERFUL Deflates on Arrival

The most magical part of Sam Raimi's Oz the Great and the Powerful ironically doesn't even take place in the titular fantasy-land, but rather in the dreary, black-and-white real world. Like The Wizard of Oz, to which this film is... More »

James Franco Dominates New SPRING BREAKERS Red Band Trailer

Spring break is coming and with it comes a new red band trailer for Harmony Korine's over the top evisceration of everyone's favorite week of binge drinking in pursuit of the American Dream, Spring Breakers. Brit, Candy, Cotty, and Faith... More »
By Todd Brown   

New SPRING BREAKERS Trailer Wants To Show You James Franco's Shit

Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers is a strange one, no doubt about it. A weird sort of fever dream of American excess and aimless youth populated by former Disney girls and an utterly mad James Franco it is a film that... More »
By Todd Brown   

SUNDANCE 2013 Review: LOVELACE Is A Revisionist Ordeal

Hot on the heels of the sexual revolution, 1972's pornographic breakout hit Deep Throat brought conservative America to its proverbial knees, raking in millions and turning its lead actress, Linda Lovelace, into a bona-fide star.In Lovelace, actress Amanda Seyfried does... More »
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