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Road Trip In Reverse With The Teaser For Icelandic Comedy BACK

Icelandic production house Mystery Island had a bona fide international hit on their hands with their previous feature - the dark drama Metalhead - and while the tone of their latest effort could not possibly be more different I imagine... More »
By Todd Brown   

Crime Flick CITY STATE 2: BRAVE MEN'S BLOOD Gets A New Trailer

I can count on one hand the number of sequels Icelandic movies have gotten. In the 80s, a comedy series got two, and in the late 90s, an 80s comedy got one, and I think that's it. In the last few... More »
By Swarez   

Trailer For Icelandic Horror Film GRAVES AND BONES

The good thing about the Icelandic film industry is how close knitted it is, which means it's fairly easy to get well known actors or seasoned talent to help you out on a project if the money isn't that great.Such... More »
By Swarez   

Gritty Second Teaser For Icelandic Thriller CITY STATE 2

Icelandic director Olaf De Fleur returns to the scene of the crime with City State 2, the sequel to the surprise Icelandic hit which is currently slated to be remade in the US by James Mangold. The first was a... More »
By Todd Brown   

Ragnar Bragason's METALHEAD Sets New Record With 16 Edda Nominations

Icelandic drama Metalhead won a fair bit of love in these pages when it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival - see the links below for a full review - and it appears that the response in Iceland has... More »
By Todd Brown   

CITY STATE 2 Teaser Ups The Ante

Prolific Icelandic director Olaf De Fleur has been keeping busy this past year with the follow up to his box office hit City State which hits our theaters in the fall of 2014.The story picks up where the last one... More »
By Swarez   

Watch Icelandic Zombie Short UNDYING LOVE Now!

Before we begin let me just say that, yes, this is a shameless self promotion of my own short film that I did two years ago and I'm using Twitch, a site that I write for, as a platform to... More »
By Swarez   

Check The Gripping Trailer For Dark Icelandic Drama METALHEAD

Though scarcely known outside of Iceland director Ragnar Bragason is already a well treasured commodity within his nation's borders and after Toronto Film Festival audiences come across his dark drama Metalhead his name value elsewhere is sure to spike elsewhere... More »
By Todd Brown   

THE HORSE IN US Trailer Releases Our Inner Steed

Having experienced the Icelandic horse enthusiast scene myself a few years ago I can assure you readers out there that this group of people is a strange breed indeed. Life seems to revolve around the tamed beast and it's a... More »
By Swarez   

Say Hello To Ragnar Bragason's METALHEAD With First Images

One of the brightest lights in the Icelandic film scene, Ragnar Bragason - director of Children and Parents - is now deep into post production on his latest feature Metalhead.Known for his ability to balance drama with humor, Bragason here... More »
By Todd Brown   

MSPIFF 2013 Review: THE DEEP Is A Modest, Well-Made Adventure

Baltasar Kormakur's The Deep is one of those rare examples of a fictionalized true story that doesn't ooze with exaggerated melodrama for false effect. Kormakur (101 Reykjavík, the excellent Jar City, and Reykjavík-Rotterdam remake Contraband) crafts a plainspoken tale of... More »
By Kathie Smith   

Review: XL Reveals The Ugly Side Of Icelandic Politics

Here we are, four years after the financial crash and artists are still commenting on the events that led to it. Fueled by stories of greed, political corruption and over abundance, it's easy to find material to tell and... More »
By Swarez