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TIFF 2013 Review: ALL IS BY MY SIDE Is A Momentously Audacious Musical Biopic Fitting of The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Making a movie about a musician is bound to be extremely difficult when you don't have the permission of the family's estate. Why has there never been a definitive Elvis biopic -- or Kurt Cobain either, for that matter?... More »

THE WORLD'S END World Premiere In Photos

Edgar Wright's third go-around with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, The World's End, had its official World Premiere in London's Empire Leicester Square cinema tonight and I had the good fortune to be among a small group of online journalists... More »
By Todd Brown   

TV Review: BLACK MIRROR S2E01, BE RIGHT BACK (Or, Charlie Brooker's Sci-Fi Anthology Returns, Stronger Than Ever)

When Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror began in 2011, it seemed to be focused on being an effective satire above anything else. Its opener, "The National Anthem," is a sensationalist episode that definitely got viewers talking and kept them watching. As... More »