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Review: BLACK MIRROR S2E03: THE WALDO MOMENT (Or, A Cartoon Bear Makes A Mockery Of Politics)

Where is the line drawn between politics and entertainment? In the final instalment of the excellent second series of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, that issue is exactly what is under the spotlight. It's perhaps the most plausible episode of the... More »
By Simon Cocks   

Review: BLACK MIRROR S2E02: WHITE BEAR (Or, Technology Leaves Us Disconnected In This Tale Of Memory Loss, Isolation And Horror)

"White Bear" is the single darkest episode of Black Mirror so far. That's definitely saying something for a show that is far from cheerful at the best of times. However, if you found last week's "Be Right Back" just a... More »
By Simon Cocks   

Robert Downey Jr. Options Episode Of UK Show BLACK MIRROR

Warner Bros. has optioned the third episode, "The Entire History of You," from the first season of Charlie Brooker's incredible show Black Mirror. The show was written by Peep Show scribe Jesse Armstrong and he has been signed on to translate... More »
By Andrew Mack   

TV Review: BLACK MIRROR S2E01, BE RIGHT BACK (Or, Charlie Brooker's Sci-Fi Anthology Returns, Stronger Than Ever)

When Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror began in 2011, it seemed to be focused on being an effective satire above anything else. Its opener, "The National Anthem," is a sensationalist episode that definitely got viewers talking and kept them watching. As... More »
By Simon Cocks   

Charlie Brooker's BLACK MIRROR Returns In 2013

[Now with added trailer.]Though scarcely known outside of the UK, critic turned writer-director Charlie Brooker is considered something of a giant within certain circles in the UK. As a writer he made his splash early, the enormously controversial Pedophilia episode... More »
By Todd Brown