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Everything That's Not You Wants To Kill The Red Band Trailer For Seth MacFarlane's A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST

So, what did you think was going to happen after the massive worldwide success of Ted? That Seth MacFarlane was going to clean up his act? Never gonna happen, as made very clear by the very dirty and very, very... More »
By Todd Brown   

Liam Neeson In Talks To Join MacFarlane's A MILLION WAYS TO DIE

Is Liam Neeson going to bring his very particular set of skills with him to Seth MacFarlane's comedy western A Million Ways To Die? According to the report over at THR Neeson, currently one of Hollywood's favorite tough guys, is is negotiations... More »

Amanda Seyfried May Dump Seth MacFarlane In A MILLION WAYS TO DIE

According to a report at THR, Amanda Seyfried (Les Miserables and the upcoming Lovelace) is in talks to play the role of Seth MacFarlane's girlfriend in his comedy western A Million Ways To Die in the West. Now before you start silently... More »

Charlize Theron To Giddyup In Seth MacFarlane's A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST?

Insert Cowgirl joke here. Okay. Got that out of your system? Good. Moving on. A report over at THR suggests that uber-everything, Charlize Theron, is in final negotiations to star opposite Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane in a Blazing Saddles type... More »