Zak Gottlieb

INTERVIEW: Jackass 3D, "Success Equals Failure."

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to watch a preview of Jackass 3D, released nationwide today. Having not seen any of the Jackass movies, I can flat out guarantee that this will dwarf the success of the group's previous cinematic... More »
By Zak Gottlieb   


"Restrepo" is a war film unlike any that you have seen before. Partly, because most war films you have seen were probably not documentaries; but mostly, because it plunges you deep into the heart of war in a way that... More »
By Zak Gottlieb   

KOFFLA 2010: Interview with Ryoo Seung-Wan

This weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with Ryoo Seung-Wan, who was being honored with a retrospective of his work at the Korean Film Festival in L.A. One of the most impressive directors working in Korean cinema today,... More »
By Zak Gottlieb   

Red Riding Trilogy REVIEW

Based on David Peace's recent quartet of crime novels, the Red Riding trilogy brings to life an ultra dark, relentlessly bleak depiction of a society riven by social decay; of characters battling with their conscience, and others for whom the battle never... More »
By Zak Gottlieb   


The Book Of Eli is almost a great movie, and I enjoyed watching it to ponder all that it could have been. With the stylized and hyper-violent underpinnings of The Matrix, it lacks that film's quasi-philosophical and narrative strengths, presenting instead some underdeveloped ideas... More »
By Zak Gottlieb