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There Will Be Blood In KILL=VENGEANCE Trailer

Here comes a new action movie shot in Indonesia from Australian director Corey Pearson and funded by new Asian film company Citra Entertainment Group - an uber classic narrative and a little Indonesian "exoticsm" on top.A retired assassin lives in... More »

Finally! THE GOLDEN CANE WARRIOR First Teaser Trailer!

They say that there was once a golden era of Indonesia comics - especially martial art comics - in the 70s, before I was born. Itt is kinda like a mythical thing. For me, Indonesian comics have been almost non-existent... More »

Watch The Mouth-Watering Trailer For TABULA RASA

I still remember the opening scene from Ang Lee's Eat, Drink, Man, Woman, one of the most mouth-watering scenes ever, which alone has great repeat viewing value and shows a lot about one culture and the story that follows.The new trailer... More »

The Sun Rises In NOBLE HEARTS Trailer

Indonesia has yet many places and stories to explore, now it's time for those who very first to see the sun rise in Indonesia every day.based on a true story in far east of Indonesia, Munting, a district near the... More »

This Is BARAKATI Trailer!

There's a large gap between stories in our local legends that is open for interpretation that's been exercised in many great adventure movies like Indiana Jones.Indonesian effort Barakati's first trailer only shows off the epic 300-style visuals and completely misses... More »

Hey Coffee Lovers, Smell This: AROMA OF HEAVEN Trailer

The original Bahasa Indonesia title of Aroma Of Heaven is Biji Kopi Indonesia, which translates as "Indonesian Coffee Beans," and could easily be mistaken for a documentary to promote Indonesian coffee. Nope, it goes back further to explore a commodity that... More »

Watch The Tender IN THE ABSENCE OF THE SUN Trailer

Once in a while there will be movie that represents certain people in a certain time and a certain place. Judging from the trailer, The Absence Of The Sun is offering that, a mature drama about three women in Jakarta. While... More »

Football Unites Indonesia In Explosive CAHAYA DARI TIMUR: BETA MALUKU Trailer

The World Cup is gonna kick off soon and those who are not so fond of football might ask, what's all the excitement about? Well, there's one Indonesian movie that might give you an idea. It's based on a... More »

THE GOLDEN CANE WARRIOR: Very Promising Behind The Scenes Video

This is easily my most anticipated Indonesian film for the rest of the year. Though period action dramas are a staple on Indonesian television -- and just plain bad -- this genre has been pretty much missing from our... More »

Asia Beat: Yxine FF, SCANDAL 2, HIGH KICK ANGELS And More!

Time once again for our bi-weekly round-up of little news bites from around the region that have piqued our interest and have deemed worth sharing with our readership. We've got jury news from the upcoming Yxine Film Fest, a new... More »

10 Indonesian Horror Films From The Last Decade You Need To Watch

Horror is a very popular genre here in Indonesia. So far this year, 2 of the 5 top earning local films have been horror, but it is also a genre that is often flooded with poorly made product, expected to... More »

Asia Beat: Udine Awards, New Sono Sion, Tsui Hark, THE FATAL ENCOUNTER And More

Welcome to Asia Beat, a fortnightly roundup of bite-sized news pieces from around the region that might have otherwise slipped under the radar but which we feel are worth bringing to your attention. Anything from casting news, poster premieres, to... More »

THE GUARDIAN Interview and Behind The Scene

On April 30th The Guardian - an Indonesian action film - will hit theaters across Indonesia.  We've already shared the trailer and now I get a chance to sit down with the executive producer Sarjono Sutrisno and the director... More »

After Watching THE RIGHT ONE Trailer You Won't Be Able To Sleep

The Right One is a love story set in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Even Julia Roberts traveled half of the world to find love there in Eat Pray Love. Yes, I'm talking about Bali.... More »

Watch This Interview With Joko Anwar, Director Of MODUS ANOMALI And FORBIDDEN DOOR

This is from RealTalk, a webseries of interviews with some of the most prominent voices in Indonesia, created by Hannah Al Rashid (Modus Anomali, V/H/S 2), where they tell the brutally honest opinion and stuffs that is rarely seen... More »

Finally! Here's The Official Trailer for STREET SOCIETY

Street-racing Indonesian movie Street Society is heading to theaters next month, and we've got the first official trailer. Full of energy, the trailer provides a glimpse of the overall tone of the film and looks totally promising, especially for those... More »

Exclusive: Watch The First STREET SOCIETY Teaser

Aaron Paul will not be the only one racing super-expensive cars on the big screen this year. A street racing film from Indonesia's Awi Suryadi, Street Society is an automotive romp filled with intrigue, comedy, and action-packed racing sequences in various... More »

Indonesian Indie THE SUN, THE MOON & THE HURRICANE Reaches For The Heart In First Trailer

The Sun, The Moon & The Hurricane marks the first feature by young Indonesian indie film director Andri Cung after his directing gig in 3SUM, an anthology consisting of three short films with three different genres that released theatrically in... More »

Watch Indonesia's First President In SOEKARNO Trailer

Soekarno (the original Indonesia spelling of now spell Sukarno) now on wide theatrical release in Indonesia tells the story of Kusno a frequently sick kid that comes to be Indonesia first president Soekarno, and his struggle to lead Indonesia... More »

Hey Indonesia! JAGAL (THE ACT OF KILLING) Now Available In Your Region

Back in late August of this year Twitch noted that the well acclaimed documentary produced by Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, The Act Of Killing (Indonesia titled Jagal), was being made available to watch for free in Indonesia, where the... More »
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