Todd Harrington
Contributing Writer; Hollywood

Todd has worked in Hollywood for over twenty years. Starting in a mail room, he connived his way onto a desk and into an office before poor judgment led him to the life of a filmmaker. His heroes are Sam Cohn, Ben Hecht and anyone who can appreciate the irony inherent therein. Todd writes for Twitch on the business of cinema.

Hooray For Hollywood! North Koreans, The Greeks, And Hollywood's Oklahoma Deficit

Socrates said, "Know thyself." A more contemporary philosopher from Oklahoma offered, "If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." Reading many business stories about Hollywood lately, it quickly becomes apparent that few have embraced either the Athenian master or... More »
By Todd Harrington   

Hooray For Hollywood! Happy Holidays - Pt. 1: Hot Cocoa & Humble Pie

So the holiday season is thick upon us and I have to be honest with you all -- it is my favorite time of the year, especially now that I live in New England. When I lived in Los Angeles,... More »
By Todd Harrington   

Hooray For Hollywood! Free Labor Is Super-Awesome

So the Twitter-verse erupted the other day with the news that Lena Dunham -- she of the healthy self-image and three-million dollar book advance -- had dared to offer a bunch of volunteer artisans the opportunity to "open" for her... More »
By Todd Harrington   

Hooray For Hollywood! Come For The Weather, Stay For The Contacts

During my travels, I often get asked by people (both in and outside the Industry): what do I think are some of the keys to a "Hollywood-level" career? There are various things that I offer as examples (being born to... More »
By Todd Harrington   

Hooray For Hollywood! No, Hollywood STILL Did Not Steal Your Script

For the last few days, my various in-boxes have been overflowing with friends, associates and strangers alike wanting to know what I think about the latest apparent revelation courtesy of the interwebs. "Did you know Nic Pizzolatto was a plagiarist??"... More »
By Todd Harrington   

Hooray For Hollywood! Running Out Of Options

As it's been a while both since I both (a) subjected you all to my Tinsel  Town insights; and (b) talked about some of the building-blocks of Hollywood business practices, I figured now was a good time to kill two... More »
By Todd Harrington   

Hooray For Hollywood: It's The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel... Bien?

I don't know if any of you have noticed recently, but the world has gone mad. (Fine, madder.) And I wish it was only things like the imminent melting of Antarctica, the rise of global Holocaust denial and my sudden... More »
By Todd Harrington   

Hooray For Hollywood! No, Hollywood Did Not "Steal" Your Script

I just returned home from a film festival where I was asked one of the most amazing questions, I think, ever. After sitting on a panel discussing the growing nexus between short-films and Hollywood, this young man -- early to... More »
By Todd Harrington   

Hooray For Hollywood! New Red Carpets and Old White People

The SWAT snipers are climbing down from the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum roof, traffic is resuming its normal sluggish flow at Hollywood and Highland (the 25-foot anti-blast wall now deconstructed) and soft sobbing and the repeated mantra... More »
By Todd Harrington   

Hooray For Hollywood! For Those About To Strike, We Salute You

Well, boys and girls, get ready for another writers' strike. The WGA and the AMPTP (The Alliance of Mot... uh, the studios and the networks, basically) just wrapped up two weeks of negotiations on the replacement of their existing agreement,... More »
By Todd Harrington   

Hooray For Hollywood! A Contract Is Better Than A Handshake (But Only Just)

For this, our second installment in this exercise of my disabusing you all of the notions of cinematic high art in favor of the realities of the movie business of it all, I thought I would answer one of the... More »
By Todd Harrington   

Hooray For Hollywood! The Answer To Your Question Is: Money

Hello! My name is Todd and I will be your humble(ish) guide through the sausage factory that is Hollywood.  Or, to be more precise, I will be endeavoring to provide a window into aspects of the business of filmmaking that... More »
By Todd Harrington