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As a burned out pop star Swarez turned his back on the soul sucking existens that was the music biz, and his label had just dropped him, to focus on more important things; blogging about movies. In the beginning he pestered Mr. Brown with tidbits from the Icelandic movie scene until he was asked to join the team as a contributing writer and to be the most handsome one on the team. He was only recently upstaged in the latter category when Ryland Aldrich came bursting in with his dreamy looks. Swarez vows revenge on Aldrich ever since. AAAAALLDRICHHH!

The Many Faces Of Sir Christopher Lee

It is strange how the death of someone we don't know personally can sometimes have the impact it has. When the news became known yesterday that Sir Christopher Lee has died last weekend, it shocked me, which is frankly a... More »
By Ard Vijn   

The Many Faces Of Jason Voorhees

It's Friday the 13th folks, so here at TwitchFilm central we've decided to do something different with this, our weekly mugshot quiz. Instead of an actor or an actress, today we take someone who is not only fictional, but also... More »
By Ard Vijn   

BIG GAME: The Finnish Action Film Has A Big Trailer

The makers of Rare Exports, the Finish Christmas movie that should be an annual event for everybody over the holiday season right about now, have a new movie out. Big Game premiered at TIFF last year and our own Jason... More »
By Swarez   

It's a Christmas Miracle! Take A Sneak Peek At PHANTASM: RAVAGER

Being a huge Phantasm fan I was beyond excited to hear that a new sequel to the series had been shooting in secret and was in the process of post-production. Earlier this year we got a teaser trailer which looked... More »
By Swarez   

Crime Flick CITY STATE 2: BRAVE MEN'S BLOOD Gets A New Trailer

I can count on one hand the number of sequels Icelandic movies have gotten. In the 80s, a comedy series got two, and in the late 90s, an 80s comedy got one, and I think that's it. In the last few... More »
By Swarez   

Twitch Film Celebrates 10 Years

A decade is an absolute eternity online, a marker that I certainly never thought I'd reach when registering the first domain for Twitch ten years ago now, and yet here we are. Honestly, I never thought much of anything about... More »
By Todd Brown   

Trailer For Icelandic Horror Film GRAVES AND BONES

The good thing about the Icelandic film industry is how close knitted it is, which means it's fairly easy to get well known actors or seasoned talent to help you out on a project if the money isn't that great.Such... More »
By Swarez   

CITY STATE 2 Teaser Ups The Ante

Prolific Icelandic director Olaf De Fleur has been keeping busy this past year with the follow up to his box office hit City State which hits our theaters in the fall of 2014.The story picks up where the last one... More »
By Swarez   

Watch Icelandic Zombie Short UNDYING LOVE Now!

Before we begin let me just say that, yes, this is a shameless self promotion of my own short film that I did two years ago and I'm using Twitch, a site that I write for, as a platform to... More »
By Swarez   

B-Movie Legend Albert Pyun Retires Due To Health Issues.

Sad news from Tinseltown as legendary B-Movie director Albert Pyun has decided to retire early from filmmaking due to health issues that have been plaguing him for the last few years. I've been a fan of his films for years... More »
By Swarez   

THE HORSE IN US Trailer Releases Our Inner Steed

Having experienced the Icelandic horse enthusiast scene myself a few years ago I can assure you readers out there that this group of people is a strange breed indeed. Life seems to revolve around the tamed beast and it's a... More »
By Swarez   

Washington D.C. Is A Terrible Place To Live. WHITE HOUSE DOWN Trailer

In another case of Armageddon VS Deep Impact, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter VS Lincoln, Hollywood has graciously decided that we the public need not one, but two films about terrorists attacking Washington D.C. head on and taking down the White... More »
By Swarez   

Review: XL Reveals The Ugly Side Of Icelandic Politics

Here we are, four years after the financial crash and artists are still commenting on the events that led to it. Fueled by stories of greed, political corruption and over abundance, it's easy to find material to tell and... More »
By Swarez   

Handsome Bodyguard Protects Handsomer President. OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN Trailer

In recent years, ever since Sylvester Stallone brought back John Rambo from hibernation, 80's and 90's beefcake action seems to be back in vogue and I for one applaud that trend.The ever popular "Die Hard in a..." genre of action films... More »
By Swarez   

Director David R. Ellis Has Passed Away

Sad news from Hollywood today. Veteran action director and former stuntman David R. Ellis has passed away in South Africa while preparing for his new film KITE which was slated to start shooting soon. He was 60. No news on... More »
By Swarez   

New PACIFIC RIM trailer Destroys Our Cities

If there is one film that most of us here at Twitch are dying to see this year it is Guillermo Del Toro's ode to Japanese Kaiju cinema and anime series Evangelion, Pacific Rim.A trailer from the Qualcomm CES (Consumer... More »
By Swarez   

Ragnar Bragason Goes Metal. METALHEAD Starts Production

Children and Parents director Ragnar Bragason is gearing up another feature film after his smash hit Bjarnfreðarson a couple of years back, this time moving away from the core group of actors and writers that he has been working with... More »
By Swarez   

Review: FROST Barely Nibbles At Your Cheeks

Aside from a couple of titles Iceland's not exactly known for its horror movies. Even though our folk tales are ripe with monsters, ghosts and ghouls local filmmakers have never looked at horror as something to pursue or be... More »
By Swarez   

Hammer > Jaw. THE CURE Teases Just Right.

I'm not sure what's going on in this trailer for Pitchaya Jarusboonpracha's The Cure but I like it. Billed as a supernatural action thriller by its 23-year-old director, the trailer packs a hell of a punch with beautiful imagery and the same... More »
By Swarez   

XL Teaser Promises Political Debauchery.

Director Marteinn Thorsson was a much needed injection of adrenaline in to the Icelandic film scene, where most directors are static, lack personal vision and style, with his second feature and first solo director project Stormland. A film that played... More »
By Swarez   
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