Simon de Bruyn
Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia

Simon de Bruyn has been covering Antipodean films for Twitch for four years. He's also the Australian & New Zealand acquisitions executive for XYZ Films.

Amazing Zombie Short Film PERISHED Crawls Online

After playing at SXSW last year, Australian zombie short Perished has finally made its way online for the rest of the world to see. Written, directed and produced by Stefan A. Radanovich and Aaron McCann (the latter the co-creator of... More »

Tampa Crisis To Get Big Screen Treatment In Matthew Saville's DARK VICTORY

Just before films premiere at festivals or are released into cinemas, one can expect the producers of the next project with the director or star to announce news of their next project as it's likely to be well reported. This rule... More »

TIFF 2013: Watch The Teaser For Silent WW2 Thriller CANOPY

Australian filmmaking is firing on all cylinders at the moment, with the country showing four films in Venice and six in Toronto. Most of them are high profile indies, but one of the unknown wild cards screening at TIFF is... More »

Watch The Full Trailer For Alfonso Cuarón's GRAVITY

Even with all the praise from Venice and Jim Cameron calling it the "best space film ever done", and even with Alfonso Cuarón's previous film Children of Men still standing tall as one of the greatest films of last decade,... More »

Ben Wheatley To Direct HIGH RISE, Based On JG Ballard's Dystopian Novel

Ben Wheatley seems wedded to making films in England for the time being, with news that he's slated to direct Amy Jump's adaptation of JG Ballard's 1975 novel High Rise, in which the tenants of an affluent self-sustaining building degenerate... More »

Drafthouse Films Releases THE ACT OF KILLING For Free In Indonesia

In a move that has to be applauded and admired, Drafthouse Films has announced that it will make Joshua Oppenheimer's The Act of Killing available to watch for free to the people of Indonesia in perpetuity.From September 30, Drafthouse will make... More »

Vincent Cassel Replaces Oscar Isaac In Ariel Kleiman's PARTISAN

Ariel Kleiman's much-anticipated debut feature Partisan just got all shook up, with the news that Vincent Cassel has replaced Oscar Isaac in the lead role. A bunch of synopses have floated around about the film, and the news from Screen Daily... More »

Tony Jaa Goes To Hollywood, Joins FAST AND FURIOUS 7

Looks like Dominic Toretto and his crew should be extra careful about how they treat baby elephants, with the news that Thai martial arts superstar Tony Jaa has joined Fast And Furious 7. Directed by James Wan, Fast 7 picks... More »

Come. It Is Time To Keep Your Appointment With THE WICKER MAN ...Trilogy

While we are waiting for the upcoming release of Robin Hardy's so-called "Final Cut" of The Wicker Man (which really just reminds me of singer John Farnham's endless "Last Time" tours), we can be comforted by the news that the... More »

Roadshow Picks Up THESE FINAL HOURS For Wide Australian Release

In what will probably be the biggest coup for indie filmmakers in Australia this year, major Australian distributor Roadshow Films has picked up Zak Hilditch's apocalyptic thriller These Final Hours for a wide release - expected in 2014. The film was... More »

Roller Derby Slasher Pic MURDERDROME To World Premiere At Monster Fest!

Self described "roller derby exploitation slasher extravaganza" MurderDrome will have its World Premiere at booming Australian genre festival Monster Fest in November. Strongman Pictures Entertainment and Monster Pictures sent Twitch the exclusive teaser video below to announce the news, and... More »

Melbourne 2013: THE TURNING Gala Showcases Directors to Watch

For the past two weeks the Melbourne International Film Festival has taken over the city and Twitch (both myself and prolific reviewer Kwenton Bellette) have been everywhere, attending as many films and events as our eyes and livers can handle.... More »

LYGON STREET: SI PARLA ITALIANO Showcases the Post-World War II Migrant Experience

For a country built so much on recent immigration, there are remarkably few stories of the immigrant experience told in Australia, especially those from those who came here after the Second World War. I know, I've looked. As a second... More »

Help Fund VIOLENT FLORENCE Or This Cat Dies

There's nothing like a positive campaign to wind up the week, and nothing gets more positive than potentially saving the life of a very cute cat. So says Jaime Snyder, the writer/director of Violent Florence, who might be forced to take... More »

Tropfest Mentors Young Filmmakers With Trop Jr Roughcut in Melbourne and Sydney

Australia's biggest short film competition, Tropfest, is no stranger to expansion. After starting in a cafe in Sydney it's since grown to become a monolithic annual Summer event and has expanded internationally to include new competitions in New Zealand and... More »

Madman Teams With WASTELANDER PANDA For New ABC iView Series

We're big fans of Madman Entertainment here at Twitch and now we've got another reason to be. Madman's production division has partnered with Epic Films, ABC TV's iView platform and the South Australian Film Corporation (them's the ones that backed... More »

Watch THE GREAT GATSBY Before and After VFX

When Jay Gatsby looked out from that dock he saw Daisy's green... screen. At least that's what the VFX reel of before and after shots from The Great Gatsby reveals -- that one hell of a lot of visual effects work... More »

CRAWLSPACE Gears Up for Hometown Melbourne Premiere

In the last of the behind the scenes videos for Justin Dix's Crawlspace we get a glimpse of how apparently fun it was to work on the film, and we see a bunch more special FX footage (including one... More »


*At this moment in time.Regular Show is awesome-tacular. You should know this as fact, so of course I'll assume you want to win it on DVD.Let's say hypothetically that civilization was wiped out right... NOW! Future generations on archaeological digs looking... More »

Watch Sci-fi Short ARROWHEAD: SIGNAL With Added Director's Commentary

Hot on the heels of news that sci-fi short Arrowhead: Signal will be turned into a movie for Australia's SF Channel (the first local movie they've ever funded), I've discovered that director Jesse O'Brien has uploaded the original short film... More »
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