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Fantasia 2014: Twitch Wraps It Up With Our Reviews And Top Picks

It was a banner year, the 18th edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival. Yes, the festival is old enough to drink alcohol now in La Belle Province, and over the three weeks of cinema -- both cutting edge and... More »

Fantasia 2014 Curtain Raiser: Twitch Picks 15 Can't-Miss Films

As the punishing summer heat rises in Montreal, so too does the cool and eclectic collection of cinema presented by the Fantasia International Film Festival. A duration exceeding three weeks (July 17 to August 6), involving hundreds of features, shorts,... More »

Fantasia 2013 Review: FATEFUL FINDINGS, Beyond All Working Definitions Of Cinema

Fateful Findings concerns the fallout of a magical day when two children, Leah and Dylan, discover a supernatural black cube. It is not until years later, after the children have grown up, their friendship estranged, that the cube lives up... More »
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Fantasia 2013: JACK ATTACK Whets The Horror Comedy Appetite In 8 Minutes

I missed Fantasia Fest's two opening night features, but providence at the festival's opening night party festivities saw to it that a USB with the short film that preceded The Conjuring ended up in my possession. The buzz from those... More »
By Peter K.   

Tell Mom The Babysitter Makes Movie-Killers Dead in THE SLEEPOVER

Hot off a streak of festival screenings (including Fantastic Fest) that culminated in the winning of Lionsgate and Vimeo's CABIN IN THE WOODS short film competition, Chris Cullari's satirical stab at the residential routines of movie serial killer communities, THE... More »
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GAMERCAMP brings Miike's ACE ATTORNEY to Toronto this week!

The fourth edition of Gamercamp, an annual celebration of video game culture in Toronto, will be featuring not one, but two special screenings of ACE ATTORNEY, Takashi Miike's big-screen adaptation of the popular CAPCOM video game that Twitch's very own Ard... More »
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Catch Chris Nash's Skinfections Trilogy Online!

Hot off its premiere as a trilogy at Fantastic Fest 2012, Toronto filmmaker Chris Nash has just uploaded his terrific triptych of short films about relationships and skin diseases onto the interwebs, so that they may now spread and infect... More »
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Chris Nash's SKINFECTIONS Trilogy Trailer Both Teaches and Teases

With the premiere of MY MAIN SQUEEZE and LIPLOCK at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival last year to much acclaim (as well as gasps and gags), Toronto filmmaker and friend of Twitch Film Chris Nash, perhaps best known in... More »
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(Review by Justin Decloux)MEGA MONSTER BATTLE: ULTRA GALAXY is the cinematic equivalent of watching a hundred episodes of ULTRAMAN on fast-forward while snorting ten pounds of pixie sticks. It's a kaleidoscope of furious fights, exploding creatures and enough gleeful cheese... More »
By Peter K.   

Fantasia 2012 Review: MY AMITYVILLE HORROR

If you are a fan of all things Amityville Horror, be it the conspiracies surrounding the famous 1975 haunting itself, or the book-turned-movie franchise that followed in its wake, then I am inclined to recommend director Eric Walter's investigation... More »
By Peter K.   


(Review by Justin Decloux) It's surprising (compared to the current state of its industry) that thirty years ago Italy nearly dominated the cinematic genre landscape - flooding theatres with a never ending supply of shamelessly homegrown, flavor of the month... More »
By Peter K.   


Citizens! If you have ever wanted an opportunity to see Paul Verhoeven's pitch-perfect satire of fascism stripped of both its irony and wit, look no further than mecha-suit aficionado Shinji Aramaki's animated sequel Starship Troopers: Invasion and prepare yourself for... More »
By Peter K.   

Fantasia 2012 Review: DEAD SUSHI

Noboru Iguchi's latest opus about revenge-seeking-man-eating sushi may not fall under the already infamous Sushi Typhoon label, but it bears many characteristics of the J-splatter studio's usual shtick: high-concept comedy that lampoons Japanese culture, manic scream acting from an ensemble... More »
By Peter K.   

Behold Steven Kostanski's BIO-COP.

"CRIME + BIO-COP = NO MORE CRIME"Coming Soon from Astron-6's Steven Kostanski.... More »
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Toronto Screenings: Nowhere to Hide! Robot Jox! Lady Terminator! ALL FREE!

The Toronto Korean Film Festival is hyping up their inaugural year with a series of free screenings leading up to the festival proper, which according to TKFF organizers, is slated for late June. First up is a free screening of... More »
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While Twitch Film's favorite canuxsploitation-outfit Astron-6 has been enjoying a bevy of accolades from genre aficionados for their delirious splatter-fest Father's Day, currently playing a limited run in the US through Troma, the fate of their other feature and festival... More »
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Free Friday Films Returns with Bergman, Almodovar, Woo and Gordon!

Toronto cinephiles! Plan your Fridays accordingly, because the University of Toronto's Cinema Studies Student Union has released their winter schedule for their impeccably programmed Free Friday Films series and their latest-line up continues the tradition of an eclectic mix of... More »
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REAL STEEL Review (One of 2011's Best)

Real Steel is an expertly crafted bit of classical Hollywood cotton candy, reminiscent both of Amblin Entertainment's family fare of the 1980s, as well as the pulpy  FX-ridden mayhem of Charles Band's Empire Pictures (like Robot Jox or Arena) of... More »
By Peter K.   

Toronto! 1UP your weekend with The FP and Manborg at Gamercamp

The third installment of Toronto's super-cool video game culture conference Gamercamp kicks off today at the Bathurst Street Theatre jam-packed with presentations, demos and more fun-filled activities then Ryu can shoot a Hadouken fireball at. Spearheaded by Jaime Woo and Mark... More »
By Peter K.   

What Once Was Funky Is Now Warped: THE WARPED FOREST Trailer!

Rejoice my brothers and sisters of the cult of Funky Forest, a second contact has been made! While Katsuhito Ishii and Aniki are not in participating in this excursion into the wild blue yonder, we have the third member of... More »
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