Matthew Lee
Derby, England

Matthew was press-ganged into service for Twitch around 2009, just so he'd stop posting long, rambling reviews on the forums for obscure Chinese arthouse movies and cult anime none of the other writers had ever seen. Over the years he's branched out to multiple genres of film from almost every corner of the world, whether in festivals around the North of England and across Europe or on DVD and BluRay. He also contributes feature articles and reviews to the gaming website BeefJack, and writes fiction in his spare time.

Books to be Scene: Eowyn Ivey's THE SNOW CHILD

Those first boot prints in the snow - they began at the vanished [snowman] and ran from there into the woods. No tracks came into the yard.Then there was the frost that crystallised on the window as she and Jack... More »

Anime Review: HAKKENDEN: EIGHT DOGS OF THE EAST, Episodes 1-4

Run for your lives! It's another reboot on the loose! Someone's taken one of the best animated shows of the nineties and turned it from a stunningly drawn, bloodsoaked chanbara fantasy into a goddamn airbrushed period sitcom with Beautiful Men... More »

Anime Review: KOTOURA-SAN, Episodes 1-4

Best. Opening. Ever. Well, maybe that's a little hyperbolic, but not nearly as much as you're probably thinking. I queued up Kotoura-San because hey, why not: a light anime comedy about a girl who can read minds, and the way... More »

Anime Review: AMNESIA, Episodes 1-4

You've all come across something, a TV show, a film, a book, that left you silently mouthing "What the hell", right? Unable to figure out what on earth was going on? Now this is okay as ideas go, as the... More »

Books To Be Scene: Chris Adrian's THE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL

"Paul?"Emma listened for her husband - sometimes he fell very silent and she could barely hear him breathing - and she thought the line was dead until a lady's voice spoke out of the phone."He is gone, my love. Gone... More »

Books to be Scene: Miles Cameron's THE RED KNIGHT

The dozen soldiers nearest him looked; every head turned, each wearing matching expressions of fear.The captain rubbed the pointed beard at his chin, shaking off the water."Jacques?" he asked his valet."M'lord?" he asked."How did the Wild make it here?" the... More »

Yeah, I Saw Some Movies. Only A Few. Matthew Lee's Favourites Of 2012

Yes. Yes, I know, you saw the picture. We'll get to that.I didn't see anything like as many movies as most of the Twitch writers in 2012 - just crawling over 150-odd at the end of the year, and not... More »


At first glance you have to admit My Little Monster hardly seems that different. It's yet another animated show with a cast of high school kids wondering What It All Means, and another odd couple in the lead. The bookworm... More »


Sword Art Online represents everything wrong with Japanese animation right now. No, seriously - and this isn't because the show is irredeemably bad or anything. Rather it takes a decent premise and over the course of twenty-five episodes proceeds to... More »

Books to be Scene: G. Willow Wilson's ALIF THE UNSEEN

Alif and his friends read the complaints of their coddled American and British counterparts - activists, all talk, irritated by some new piece of digital monitoring legislation or another - and laughed. Ignorant monoglots, Abdullah called them. They had no... More »

Books to be Scene: Walter Jon Williams' HARD WIRED

Flaming corn-alcohol throbs through [Cowboy's] chest like blood and the shrieking exhaust flows from his lungs like breath, his eyes beam radar and his fingers can flick missiles forth like pebbles. Through his sensors he can taste the exhaust and... More »

Books to be Scene: John King's WHITE TRASH

If Dawes represented the past then these thugs standing in front of Mr Jeffreys were the present. Their offspring would embody the future. A cultureless rabble who consumed with no regard for their fellow citizens. They had never had it... More »

Books to be Scene: Anna Richards' LITTLE GODS

"All right then, die!" Gloria shouted, and Jean dropped to the floor with a satisfying thud."Hurrah!" Gloria whooped and ran over to the felled giant. "That was very good. I had a friend before who was quite good, but she... More »

Celluloid Screams 2012: Who Likes Short Shorts?

I was very kindly invited to be part of the jury selecting the best short films screening at Celluloid Screams 2012. Nothing to it, right? Still, while seventeen films might not seem like that much (particularly for those people who... More »

Celluloid Screams 2012, Day 3: Promise Me You'll Check Out RESOLUTION

Round three of Celluloid Screams and the final day was unfortunately marred by a technical hitch that saw Memory of the Dead pulled due to a sound system that gave up the ghost at the last minute. Which meant I... More »

Celluloid Screams 2012, Day 2: CITADEL Is A Towering Achievement

Round two of Sheffield's Celluloid Screams 2012 saw the first full day's lineup, and though the crowds were obviously getting a little weary by the midnight hour the Showroom still managed at least one completely sold-out screening and several more... More »

Celluloid Screams 2012, Day 1: NIGHTBREED: THE CABAL CUT - It's Alive! It's Aliiiiive!

Sheffield residents like their pop culture, apparently - not too surprising when you take into account the city's history. (It was the birthplace of the mighty Warp record label, for one, which begat any number of world-famous electronic artists and... More »

Books to be Scene: Paolo Bacigalupi's THE WINDUP GIRL

The sun peers over the rim of the earth, casting its blaze across Bangkok. It rushes molten over the wrecked tower bones of the old Expansion, engulfing them in light and heat. It ignites the sharp high roofs of the... More »

DVD Review: PARK ROW Is A Love Letter ... But I Wanted A Film

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise to learn Samuel Fuller financed Park Row with his own money. The legendary director put up $201,000 - virtually every penny he had - on the story of a firebrand journalist trying... More »

DVD Review: YOUR SISTER'S SISTER Is Nice, But Nice Doesn't Mean Much

The trick with low-key, down-home indie storytelling is to show your audience how, while the things taking place on screen might not look like much, they're quietly life-changing for everyone involved.Lynn Shelton's fourth feature, Your Sister's Sister, played earlier this... More »
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