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Fear and Loathing at Comic Con 2014, Part IV: The Conclusion

CHAPTER 8: LET'S BE TERRORISTSMy head is still throbbing from being drugged the previous night. My asshole is throbbing even more. I can't decide which hurts worse. I think it might be neither. I think it might be the news spreading all over... More »

Fear & Loathing At Comic-Con, Part 3: Reptilian Rape Culture

CHAPTER 6: SELL IT TO ME, BABY!Uzi is adamant that we get dinner immediately after finishing our session with the Sunshine Podium. "What are you in the mood for, Greg? I could go for some Mexican. Scratch that, I NEED some... More »

Fear & Loathing At Comic-Con 2014, Part II: How I Went To San Diego, Joined A Cult, And Sold My Screenplay

CHAPTER 4: STUPID FUCKING WHITE MEN DOING STUPID FUCKING WHITE MEN STUFFScott may be a lot of things.  Crazy may be the first that comes to mind, but he's no liar. Unlike the mental institution that I was just released... More »

Fear & Loathing At Comic-Con: The Sequel, Part I: I Hope You Choke On Your Potato Salad And Die

CHAPTER I: WHEN YOUR PSYCHIATRIST ASKS IF YOU OWN ANY GUNS, JUST SAY NO. For the next 72 hours, I'm stuck riding a freight train cross country stocked with automatic weapons and plushy toy animals designed to conceal them. I'm surrounded... More »


Short summary of long article, to answer your big question now. "Is Godzilla good?" No, not really. "Is it better than the 1998 remake?" Yes, but not really. Not by very much at all. Actually, maybe not at all. The... More »

It's Time For Philadelphia To Get Weird Again With The 2014 Cinedelphia Film Festival

Amy Fisher, Pia Zadora, Joe Sarno, Public Access Television Oddities, Trick Baby, Classic Nikolodeon Game Shows, Underdog, and Low Fi Action Films Directed by Lawyers? Cinedelphia Film Festival Returns to Philadelphia April 10- 26th!It might be late March right now... More »

Pissing In The Punch Bowl At The 2014 Sundance Film Festival Part 3: Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

TAKEN FROM THE JOURNALS OF UZI SILVERSTEINCHAPTER 7: DUMB AND DUMBER. I've been tailing Craig Christodoulou for three days, waiting for the right chance to catch him off guard without any witnesses around. Maybe he is the anti Christ. Maybe... More »

Pissing In The Punch Bowl At The 2014 Sundance Film Festival Part 2: I'm An Assassin, Not A Blogger

***TAKEN FROM THE JOURNALS OF UZI SILVERSTEIN***CHAPTER 3: I'M AN ASSASSIN, NOT A BLOGGERI've only know Eli Atzmon for an hour and I already don't like the kid. We're having lunch at 501 on Main, a hip free range organic... More »

Pissing In The Punch Bowl At The 2014 Sundance Film Festival, Part 1: Spies, Bloggers, And Dead Comedians

INTRODUCTION: MY NAME IS UZI SILVERSTEIN BECAUSE I FUCK MOTHER FUCKERS UP LIKE A SUB MACHINE GUN.If there's one thing that the Israeli Defense force teaches you, it's to always have a plan. Not only should you have a plan,... More »

Boozie Movies Returns To Piss In The Punch Bowl For 2013

EDITOR'S NOTE: So there is a rather strange little tid bit about the following article from our resident crazy man, Greg Christie. And it's not the article itself. Although, it's just about as outlandish as you would expect. Every time... More »

Halloween Comes To Philadelphia Early For The 2013 Tele-Terror Fest!

It's a safe assumption to make, that for the vast majority of readers here at Twitch, and certainly anyone who's viewing this page right now, that October is probably your favorite month of the year. I imagine many of you... More »

Fear & Loathing at Fantastic Fest 2013/2009, Part 5. As if Things Could End Any Other Way. (NSFW)

CHAPTER 12: LEAVE THE HAT ON, COWBOYIt's roughly one in the morning and I'm having an impromptu picnic with Rebecca at Barton Springs, a natural spring fed pool in south Austin. Rebecca was able to snatch a bottle of vodka... More »

Fear & Loathing At Fantastic Fest 2013/2009, Part 4: The End Is Mighty F*cking Nigh

CHAPTER 10: KEEP AUSTIN WEIRDBefore there was the internet, there was public access television, an entirely open and free air space where anyone could create their own television program and present to the unassuming masses. And just like the internet,... More »

Fear & Loathing at Fantastic Fest 2013/2009, Part 3. The Important Things We Forget, the Stupid Things We Remember

CHAPTER 7: FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS. FAILURE & SELF ENTITLEMENT or LIFE AFTER FILM SCHOOLWithin the film world, there are essentially five categories of people. There are the chosen few, those needles in the haystacks fortunate enough to find success, financially... More »

Fear & Loathing at Fantastic Fest 2013, Part 2: CHAOS REIGNS, ASSHOLES!

CHAPTER 4: THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM IS DEAD; I KILLED IT, I AND I. It's Thursday night, September 26th 2013. Or maybe, I should say that it's Thursday night October 1st 2009. I don't know. Time travel is really... More »

Fear & Loathing At Fantastic Fest 2013, Part I: Back To The Womb. (NSFW!)

CHAPTER 1: ON THE ROAD AGAINIt's Tuesday night and I'm driving a 2011 cherry red Cadillac station wagon. It's rented of course. I could never afford a 2011 Cadillac. Even in 2021, I still won't be able to afford a... More »

Fear & Loathing At TIFF 2013, Part 5: Why Does Everything Have To End With People Dying?

CHAPTER 12: NOSTALGIAWhen I was 12, I had a friend named Brian. Brian was a piece of shit. For about two years, we were inseparable. We would ride our bikes to the comic book shops together, we snuck into R-rated... More »

Fear & Loathing At TIFF 2013, Part 4: An American Werewolf In Toronto

CHAPTER 9: WELL, THAT JUST HAPPENED. My father has dropped me off at a hole in the wall road house out by the Toronto Pearson airport. This barely standing shack of an establishment is the only commercial business in sight.... More »

Fear & Loathing At TIFF 2013, Part 3: Because I Got High, Because I Got High, Because I Got High

CHAPTER 6: 16 OUNCES OF BEEF, 8 OUNCES OF BOURBON, 6 OUNCES OF CANNABIS, TWO MEN & 1 PREPAID PHONE. Somehow, my father and I have found our way to the shady side of Toronto, or at least, as shady... More »

Fear & Loathing At TIFF 2013, Part 2: In The End, Every Festival Is The Same

CHAPTER 4: CUSTOMS & COSTUMESWe haven't even reached the U.S. Canadian border and the trip has already turned into a Kafkaesque nightmare turned FX series. I desperately need a drink.  My hands are trembling at the wheel and my foot... More »
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