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Fourth Time's the Charm

With the impending release of the fourth film in what’s become one of my all-time go-to guilty pleasures, the Final Destination series, I thought it might be fun with this ToM to look at a relatively rare species of film... More »

Comic Con 2009 Horror Comics / Film Panel!

The cool folks you meet along the way have been and will continue to be one of the best things about writing for a site like Twitch. One such swell individual is (Twitch fave) Pop Skull producer Peter Katz. Peter... More »

The Ten Megaton ToM: Twitch-O-Meter turns 10,000,000 part 1,001 (or "9")

When our Twitch-O-Meter column reached number fifty we did something cool: ten writers gave a list with five of their favorite directors, creating one huge Twitch-O-Meter which we lovingly called the MEGA-ToM. However, the next big round number is already... More »

Go To Your Happy Place

I’ve been a little blue lately. Reason being, we’ve recently wrapped production on a short film that had rattled around the back of my mind from January to April and occupied all of it from May up until about a... More »

"They've got, uh, printers in the basement you can use" - AFTER LAST SEASON arrives this Friday!!!

No one knows what the hell it is - and if they do, they aren't talking. Elaborate prank? Feature-length sweding? The world's first film to feature a cardboard MRI scanner? We'll find out soon - this Friday, June 5th, in... More »

Remakes Done Wrong

A little while back, yours truly posted a ToM dealing with remakes that I felt, at the very least, equaled their inspiration for one reason or another. It shouldn’t surprise that reader response was pretty divided, with some people decrying... More »

Artwork for OUTPOST II: BLACK SUN released

I count myself as a big fan of 2007's Nazi zombie shocker Outpost. Not only did the film feature a surprisingly textured script and strong work from a roster of character players including recent big-screen Punisher and Rome star Ray... More »

Twitch fave POP SKULL coming to DVD!

Twitch staff favorite Pop Skull has landed a North American DVD release courtesy of boutique distributor Halo 8! Details below... HALO 8 SWALLOWS POP SKULL Halo-8 Entertainment has secured North American distribution rights to the manic, twisted, drug-infused Pop Skull,... More »

Over / Under

As usual, this ToM will remain at the top of the page for the better part of the day. New stories will appear below! Sorry folks - I'm not intro-ing a betting function here at Twitch but tackling another ToM,... More »

Comic Book Adaptations

One of the most critically lauded works in a field still shorted mainstream respect, Allan Moore's 1986-87 short run series "Watchmen" sees its big-screen adaptation glow to life in early March. Moore has a history of prickly behavior when it... More »


This one's been flying way under the radar which is a damn shame, but at least it's out there and we can now help spread the word - one of the more notorious hoax productions to have ever made it... More »

"You're a movie person, right?"

If you've navigated the dense series of electric tubes that (I'm told) comprise the internet to Twitch, chances are you're a "movie person." That is, when people think of you, they think of film – specifically, the sort of oddball... More »

Technology Gone Wrong!

The misplacement of trust is a go-to device within the whole of dramatic storytelling. It allows us to root for or against a protagonist’s decisions, and can make us question our own beliefs and prejudices. There’s a subset of films... More »

Interview with QUENCH director Zack Parker

Zack Parker's Quench, a unique character study set in the world of "cutters," hits home video courtesy of Vanguard Cinema on October 28th. I was able to speak with Parker about the film earlier this year after catching it at... More »

The world just became a little less trashy (in a bad way) - Cirio Santiago dead at 72

Post-apocalyptic impresario Cirio Santiago, perhaps responsible for more Mad Max-inspired madness than any other filmmaker, passed away on Friday, September 26th at the age of 72 from lung cancer. A veteran of the Roger Corman ranks, Santiago has been canonized... More »

Politics as Usual

For those not aware, the first debate in the upcoming U.S. Presidential election is this Friday, September 26th. It’s currently impossible to avoid – whether trolling the internets, turning on the TV, opening a newspaper, or even just walking outside... More »

Interview with HOME SICK, POP SKULL director Adam Wingard

It's no secret we here at Twitch love up-and-coming director Adam Wingard's low-low-budget shocker Pop Skull. On the eve of the release of his freshman feature, Home Sick, in a feature-laden special edition courtesy of Synapse (the disc streets August... More »

Remakes Done Right

Per usual, this Twitch-o-Meter will remain at the top of the site for 24 hours. New stories will appear below. The seemingly never-ending stream of remakes continues rushing down Hollywood’s pike in the coming weeks – Paul W. S. Anderson’s... More »


For 90 unbridled minutes Dance of the Dead, director Gregg Bishop’s lovingly over-the-top riff on the ever-malleable zombie genre, had the Alamo Drafthouse crowd in a persistent, giddy state of beer-fueled uproar (the first round of drinks having been provided... More »

The Shape of Things to Come

“The only constant is change.” Like most clichés there’s truth behind that rather rote sentiment, and nowhere is that truth more evident than within the realm of technology - specifically for Twitch folk in the subsets of film-going and production.... More »
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