Chase Whale
Los Angeles, California

In 2007, Chase Whale co-founded the little movie website that could, (now defunct). Through GATW, he covered Cannes, Sundance, SXSW, the Toronto International Film Festival, and Comic-Con, along with junkets in London, Toronto, and other parts of the world. In 2009, NBC named him one of the 25 most interesting people in Dallas, along with Erykah Badu and Nolan Ryan. Later that year, The Wrap listed him among 30 Movie Insiders to Follow Right Now On Twitter. Before moving to LA, he was a member of the Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association, and the Austin Film Critics Association.

Interview: THE BATTERY's Jeremy Gardner And Adam Cronheim Talk Zombies, Indie Filmmaking Challenges, And Brawling With WALKING DEAD's Rick Grimes

Have you seen The Battery yet? Surely you've heard of it. It's that one anti-zombie zombie movie everyone's talking about on the Information Superhighway (fancy way of saying "Internet."). No hyperbole here -- it's the coolest and most unconventional... More »

Tribeca 2014 Review: The Jury Has Reached a Verdict: ALEX OF VENICE is Guilty of Being Great

Life is hard, struggle is real. There should be a class in college that teaches about how life really works -- lots of disappointment, heartbreak and starting over when you thought your life was set. This is perhaps the most... More »

Interview: Larry Fassenden Spills His Guts on BENEATH, His Love For Horror, And A Little Bit Of ABCs OF DEATH 2

Interviewing Larry Fassenden was a real treat. When Hollywood is plaguing the horror genre with remakes, 15 unwanted sequels and anything to make a quick 60 million bucks, this guy has been in front of and behind the camera... More »

Review: THE COLD LANDS, Blink and You'll Miss a Terrific Performance From Lili Taylor

Often, films challenge morals: what is right, what is wrong, and what happens when you pick a side. There are times, however, when nothing is resolved yet the question lingers throughout the film. This is the baffling case of The... More »

SXSW 2014 Review: A WOLF AT THE DOOR Huffs, Puffs, and Blows Sweet Love Goodbye

In the fairytale classic  the Three Little Pigs, -- you guessed it -- three little pigs set out in the world to find their fortune. Things come to an abrupt halt, however, when an asshole big bad wolf comes... More »

Review: CHARLIE COUNTRYMAN, The Unnecessary Death Of A Potentially Good Movie

Charlie Countryman is perhaps the worst film I've seen in a very, very long time. It stars Shia LaBeouf as the possibly-doomed titular character. Charlie just watched his mother (Melissa Leo, in the most tragically underused role possible) die at... More »

Review: DON JON Bulks Up the Body and Career of Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Warning: the words "cock," "cum," and "masturbation" are used in this review. With that out of the way, let's get filthy. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is constantly on the move, making new projects with his online art collaboration company,, and working... More »

Review: AFTERNOON DELIGHT Captures the Challenges of Seeking Love, Happiness, and Peace

Poor Rachel (Kathryn Hahn). Although she's married to the man of her dreams, Jeff (Josh Radnor), leads a really nice lifestyle, and has a healthy son, she's bored as hell as a stay-at-home housewife. Her friends are starting to suck,... More »

Review: THE SPECTACULAR NOW, Coming Of Age As A Beautiful Experience

The late John Hughes was the man in Hollywood who understood teenagers and teen angst better than anyone else in the industry. He knew how to tell beautiful stories about how being young can sometimes be weird and confusing, and... More »

Review: THE WAY, WAY BACK, Charming, Honest, And LOL Funny

Being the awkward kid is the worst. Making friends is hard; everyone thinks you're one with the freaks, and contact with the opposite sex is pretty much non-existent. Since lack of confidence is always going to be an uphill battle... More »

Review: THE KINGS OF SUMMER, Full Of Life And Dreaming Big

The worst part about being a kid is the realization that one day you'll be an adult. Your only responsibilities are cleaning your room (throwing everything under the bed), eating your vegetables (feeding them to the dog), and getting your... More »

Review: SUN DON'T SHINE Haunts A Fateful Road Trip

There's a small scene in Sun Don't Shine that keeps playing over and over again in my head. A woman is telling a story about the time she was making a pizza and almost burned her house down. She mixed... More »

That'll Do, Whale: Saying Goodbye to Film Criticism

My first film festival badge as press.This is my last post as a film critic. Seems like only yesterday two guys had a dream to make a fun movie website to belt out their affinity for all things cinema. Gordon... More »

Watch: New Trailer for THE KINGS OF SUMMER is Funny, But Needs More Pizazz and Biaggio

This year's standout at the Sundance Film Festival was undeniably Jordan Vogt-Roberts' movie with a giant beating heart, The Kings of Summer. I called it "An unforgettable coming-of-age comedy," and decided after walking out from seeing it that it'll make... More »

Interview: Shane Carruth Talks UPSTREAM COLOR

Interviewing Shane Carruth is just as complex as watching his movies, and rightfully so. After his feature film Primer released, he gained all kinds of buzz and had movie geeks (and large studios) foaming at the mouth. Instead of giving... More »

First Teaser for the Sundance Hit THE KINGS OF SUMMER Will Make You Want to Dance, Dance, Dance

The most rewarding part of going to a film festival is walking into a film completely blind (figuratively, of course), without knowing a thing about it but maybe who made or stars in it, and walking out completely slack-jawed.... More »

Review: THE GIRL Lacks Power And Strength

Two films titled The Girl were released in 2012. One stars Toby Jones as Alfred Hitchcock and is about his unsuccessful journey to swoon Tippi Hedren (Sienna Miller) during the filming of The Birds and Marnie, which were shot back-to-back... More »

Review: THE WE AND THE I Represents A Weak Fart Of Michel Gondry's Imagination

What's the time limit for mourning a bad film from one of today's most innovative filmmakers? Until their next feature? Forever? I want to discuss Michel Gondry's latest effort, The We and the I, a shockingly horrendous film that... More »

Exclusive Interview: Horror Pundit and Acclaimed Artist Julian Hoeber

Visual artist Julian Hoeber has a flair for the dramatic. His busy hands range from painting, sculpturing (see the terrifyingly awesome image above), photography, installations, a "freestanding structure based on the architecture of 'gravitational mystery spots," filmmaker, and now, horror... More »

Sundance 2013 Review: THE RAMBLER Wanders into Disorientation and Madness

If David Lynch and David Cronenberg teamed up with Werner Herzog early in their careers and made a movie together, it would have been Calvin Reeder's The Rambler. Wherever you stand with these three auteurs, that's either a big, big... More »
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