Charles Webb
Seattle, Washington

Charles is a Florida-born, Washington State-based writer. He abandoned a perfectly good start at a psychiatric career to write for and about the video game industry. Besides having very strong opinions about the Blade franchise and Auntie Mame, Charles also contributes regularly at MTV Geek and MTV Multiplayer.

Interview: Composing for Hell - Joseph Trapanese Talks Scoring THE RAID 2

Image source: Spoiler warning: This interview discusses specific scenes from The Raid 2.  Pay attention to the score in The Raid 2: composer Joe Trapanese's work here provides so many moments that inform (or at least help us get... More »
By Charles Webb   

It's Official: PHANTASM RAVAGER Wraps, Gets a Teaser Trailer

Earlier this week, the teaser poster for Phantasm: Ravager -- the fifth (and what's being called the final) film in writer-director Don Coscarelli's oddball indie horror series -- was making the rounds with rumors that Coscarelli had somehow finished production on... More »
By Charles Webb   

Review: Don't Go to HAPPY CAMP

First time writer-director Josh Anthony's Happy Camp indulges in all the worst elements of the found footage genre to such an extent that for the first half of the mercifully brief film, I thought it was heading toward some clever... More »
By Charles Webb   

Contest: Win a DVD Copy of Kim Sung-su's FLU

CJ Entertainment has offered up three copies of the outbreak thriller Flu and we're making it very easy to nab a copy. First off, here's the official synopsis: A deadly virus is unleashed on an unsuspecting public in the intense,... More »
By Charles Webb   

Twitch's Favorite Robotic Cops (Resurrection Optional)

The metallic clank of his feet. The whirling drill sound of his arms and torso twisting into motion. The stentorian command of his voice. Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop set a high standard for robotic law-enforcement officers back in 1987, a standard... More »
By Peter Martin   

Interview: Gonzalo López-Gallego Unearths the Secrets of OPEN GRAVE

"We know who we are because of the people who we have around, or because of our memories. We all want to be good, but we have good things or wrongs things we do that we aren't happy with." That's... More »
By Charles Webb   

Review: Amnesia Thriller OPEN GRAVE Doesn't Forget About Character

Sharlto Copely is the secret weapon of the amnesia thriller Open Grave. The District 9 actor easily flits between monster, savior, and victim in a role that demands that he  not know whether he's any of the above. His work... More »
By Charles Webb   

ATTACK ON TITAN Will Probably Be the Cause of World War III

Who would have thought that an anime about naked giants attempting to use the last of humanity for their own personal buffet would evoke World War II, Japanese imperial thought, and advocate the individual's sacrifice to group-think? Or maybe over... More »
By Charles Webb   

Review: HERE COMES THE DEVIL, And He's Looking For Sex

Here Comes the Devil is only the second film I've seen by writer-director Adrián García Bogliano, following a recent viewing of his "geriatric lunatics with nitroglycerine" horror movie Cold Sweat just a few weeks ago. Seeing both films in such... More »
By Charles Webb   

Atrocity, Art, And Miyazaki's THE WIND RISES

Even as it was earning the Best Animated feature accolade from the Boston Film Critics Society over the weekend, The Wind Rises continued to be dogged by the same controversy which has trailed it since its release back in Japan.... More »
By Charles Webb   

EigaFest 2013 Review: THE APOLOGY KING Is A Manic, Absurd Ode To Empathy

The difference between saying "I'm sorry" and an apology is the unlikely source of comedy (and some well-earned sentiment) in Nobuo Mizuta's madcap The Apology King. A collection of oddball vignettes prove that even the most fraught of international incidents... More »
By Charles Webb   

Los Angeles EigaFest: Twitch Picks The Highlights

This weekend, the Japan Film Society is presenting its third L.A. EigaFest with a collection of live-action and animated features, kicking off with the U.S. premiere of Unforgiven, with the film's director Lee Sang-il in attendance. Plus, you've got another... More »
By Charles Webb   

Paul Walker Dead at 40

Well, this is a damned shame: multiple sources are confirming that Fast and the Furious actor Paul Walker is dead at 40. While the details have been trickling in over the course of the evening here on the West Coast,... More »
By Charles Webb   

Interview: Spike Lee On OLDBOY - Don't Call It A Remake

Don't call it a remake: writer, director, online provocateur, and recent Kickstarter entrepreneur asks that audiences consider his Oldboy a "reinterpratation" of the source material. "John Coltrane did not perform the same song that Julie Andrews sang in The Sound... More »
By Charles Webb   

Contest: Win a Prize Pack From Mamoru Hosoda's WOLF CHILDREN!

Here's your chance to win the film that our own Hugo Ozman says "establishes Mamoru Hosoda as a master animator and storyteller in his own right." That's right, we have a Wolf Children prize pack from FUNimation for one lucky... More »
By Charles Webb   

Exclusive: It's A Found Footage Murder Mystery In This EVIDENCE Clip

Director Olatunde Osunsanmi's Evidence hits theaters this week, and we've got a clip featuring True Blood star Stephen Moyer and Pitch Black actress Radha Mitchell investigating a brutal and strange crime scene. From the official synopsis: A team of detectives... More »
By Charles Webb   

Exclusive Clip: Noomi Rapace Discusses Her DEAD MAN DOWN Character's Figurative And Real Scars

Dead Man Down, the English-language thriller from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo director Niels Arden Oplev, is out this week on DVD and Blu-ray, and we've got an exclusive clip featuring the film's leads Noomi Rapace and Colin Farrell... More »
By Charles Webb   

Is Benicio Del Toro Playing Thanos In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY?

In a Deadline piece, the Che and one-time Wolf Man is being described as a "lead character" in writer-director James Gunn's cosmic addition to the Marvel cinematic universe. The article goes on to say that Benicio Del Toro's character will... More »
By Charles Webb   

Contest: Win One Of 3 TEEN WOLF: SEASON 2 DVDs

Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, we've got DVD copies of Teen Wolf: Season 2 for three of our lucky readers. Here's the official synopsis: "Teen Wolf" jumps full force into season two with even more suspenseful drama than... More »
By Charles Webb   

Contest: Win One of 2 Copies Of CHEECH AND CHONG'S ANIMATED MOVIE On Blu-ray

Hey stoners, the new Cheech and Chong movie is out on DVD and Blu-ray and we've got two copies of the Blu to give away to a pair of winners. From the official synopsis: Everyone's favorite stoner duo is back... More »
By Charles Webb   
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