Yubari 2014 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: HOUSE Director Obayashi Nobuhiko Talks SEVEN WEEKS And The Art Of Cinema

In the pantheon of great Japanese directors the name Obayashi Nobuhiko might not immediately stand out, and until a few years ago, the man and his work were all but unknown in the West. That all changed in 2009 when... More »

Yubari 2014 Review: GUN WOMAN Is Bloody, Trashy Entertainment

Capitalising on a spirited central performance from Japanese actress Asami as the eponymous heroine, Mitsutake Kurando's blood-soaked US-based crime thriller rises above its budgetary limitations in suitably sleazy style.Killing time on a long drive through the desert, a pair of... More »

Yubari 2014: Explore Japan's Winter Wonderland Of Classic Movie Paintings

Situated on Japan's snow-covered northern island of Hokkaido, the tiny city of Yubari, a ghost town since the collapse of the coal mining industry some decades ago, is host every year to one of the most unique little film festivals... More »

Yubari 2014: Watch NSFW Award-Winning Short KETSUJIRU JUKE Now!

Almost everything that screens at Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival is weird and wonderful to some degree or other, but even within this permissive anything goes environment there are some films that still manage to boggle the mind and exceed... More »

Yubari 2014: THE PINKIE Takes Grand Prix In Fantastic Off Theater Competition

The Winners of the Fantastic Off Theater Competition at this year's Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival were announced Sunday night, with Lisa Takeba's The Pinkie awarded the Grand Prix by the jury made up of Saito Takumi, Thomas Nam, Tom... More »

Yubari 2014: Catch ABCS OF DEATH 2 Runners-Up And AUDITION's Shiina Eihi

Kicking off tomorrow, the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival is a revelrous microcosm of the weird and wonderful that Japan cinema has to offer. And right at the heart of the festivities, there's always an anarchic celebration of all things... More »

First Trailer For Mizui Maki's Abduction Drama KEPT

Due to have its world premiere at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival later this week, before playing in competition at Boston Underground Film Festival on 28 March, we get a first look at Kept, the debut feature from Mizui... More »

Yubari 2014 Preview: Twitch's Most Anticipated Movies

This Thursday sees the opening of the 2014 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival way up in the wintry climes of Hokkaido, Japan. Christopher O'Keeffe and I will be pulling on our long-johns and heading out into the snow to savour... More »

World Premiere Of HAUSU Director's SEVEN WEEKS To Close Yubari 2014

The Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival is a favourite cinematic celebration here at Twitch, and next month we'll be heading east to snowbound Hokkaido, Japan for this year's celebration of weird and wonderful genre cinema. The official programme has now been... More »

Attention Filmmakers! Nishimura Yoshihiro Wants To Screen Your SFX In Yubari!

Next month we'll be heading to the wintry climes of Hokkaido, Japan for the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, where this year Tokyo Gore Police director and splatter effects pioneer Nishimura Yoshihiro will be hosting a special event to discover... More »

Review: ABDUCTEE Sees Yamaguchi Thinking Outside the Box

Japanese director Yamaguchi Yudai shows signs of creative growth and maturity in this taut, well-directed chamber piece that takes place entirely within the confines of a shipping container. When middle-aged security guard Chiba awakes to find himself bound and gagged... More »

Yubari 2013 Awards Round-Up

This weekend saw Japan's hardened genre fans head north to the wintry climes of Hokkaido for the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, an always-excellent parade of established and emerging talent from the country and surrounding region. Just moments ago, the... More »

YOUNG GUN IN THE TIME Gets a Flashy New Trailer!

Oh Young-doo's (Invasion of Alien Bikini) brand new time-traveling private eye flick got itself a new poster a few days ago and hot on its heels is the first full-length trailer. Young Gun in the Time will be opening in... More »


My personal selection to win the "Best Film Title" award (had there been one) at this year's Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, Eisuke Naito's feature debut is an unflinching examination of frustrated teen angst and misplaced aggression that leads to... More »

UPDATED! Check out the trailer for Yubari 2012 runner-up THE BRAT!

Now with an English-friendly version of the trailer!In my opinion, the greatest discovery at this year's Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival was first-time feature director Taichi Suzuki's film THE BRAT! An anarchic anti-romantic comedy starring comedian Hiroki "King of Comedy"... More »

Talking Shit: Discussing ZOMBIE ASS with director Noboru Iguchi & stars Arisa Nakamura & Demo Tanaka

Among the special programmes at this year's Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival was a celebration of the work of Noboru Iguchi, the director of such low budget splatter classics as THE MACHINE GIRL, ROBOGEISHA and ZOMBIE ASS, which enjoyed its... More »

EXCLUSIVE: Great stash of stills from Oh Young Doo's YOUNG GUN IN THE TIME

We are big fans of Korean filmmaker Oh Young Doo round these parts and his micro-budgeted screwball science fiction flick INVASION OF ALIEN BIKINI. After the film picked up the Grand Prix at last year's Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival,... More »

Yubari 2012 Review: YOUNG GUN IN THE TIME

Last year's Yubari Grand Prix winner - and the only non-Japanese filmmaker to win the award - South Korean director Oh Young Doo returns to the wintry city with his follow-up to INVASION OF ALIEN BIKINI, the time-travel detective thriller... More »

Yubari 2012 Review: THE BRAT!

We all harbour certain insecurities about our appearance, upon which some spend hours of agonising yet ultimtely pointless procrastination. Whether it be crooked teeth or a receding hairline, we obsess over these imperfections and on occasion even attribute failures within... More »

Yubari 2012 Review: OSAKA VIOLENCE

Takahiro Ishihara, writer-director-cinematographer-editor of this year's Yubari Grand Prix winner OSAKA VIOLENCE builds effectively on the critical acclaim that was awarded him last year with his feature debut, VIOLENCE PM. His sophomore effort follows a young adolescent, who moves in... More »
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