Short Film, Short Review: THE CAPTURED BIRD

A tranquil, domesticated park, shows a couple caught up in their new infant, while their six year-old daughter (round-faced Skyler Wexler, clad in white satin and bows) draws pictures with chalk on the playground.  The establishing shots are held just a... More »

Fantastic Fest 2011: MICHAEL Review

Do the sensibilities of Michael Haneke offend? If your answer is yes then stay far away from the directorial debut of Haneke casting director Markus Schleinzer. The first feature, Michael offers an exceedingly simple dramatic snapshot covering a period of... More »

WSFF08: 'Japanese Spotlight: Emerging Auteur Animators' program preview

If someone were to say that the only good animations from the Japanese were the animated movies and television series coming out of the studio system they would be wrong. The Emerging Auteur Animators program is proof of that. The... More »

WSFF08: 'Genius Party' and 'Genius Party Beyond' program preview

Animation freaks and geeks, your Tengoku has arrived. On a global scale there are few, if any, who can compare to the Japanese and their animation prowess. They are simply deities of the animated world. And when you tap into... More »

WSFF08: 'Thai Spotlight' program preview

Really who wouldn’t like to title their program ‘Short Films Project in Commemoration of the Celebration on the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King's 80th Birthday Anniversary’? But when the word count is your enemy when it comes to... More »

WSFF08: 'Creepy' program preview

Good morning everyone! The program preview continues for the Worldwide Short Film Festival. I hope you’ve all bought your tickets, especially for anything that our lord and master Todd has programmed. Tonight we preview the second half of the Midnight... More »

WSFF08: 'Freaky' program preview

It was only a matter of time when I was going to preview one of the programs created by Twitch's lord and master, that lovable rapscallion Todd. Now, I cannot say for sure but I will assume that in each... More »

WSFF08: Slap 'n' Tickle program review

Time once again for another preview of part of the program of this years Worldwide Short Film Festival. Today, the safety is off and taboos are set aside as we explore the kinky side of short film with a selection... More »

WSFF08: 'Sci-fi: Out There' program preview

Round two of our preview of this year's edition of the Worldwide Short Film Festival. Tonight we look at the Sci-fi program Sci-fi: Out There. Compiled of 9 short films and clocking in over and hour and a half the... More »

COWBOY BEBOP Director Shinichiro Watanabe Coming To Toronto!

Big news for animation fans here in Toronto! We announced a little while back that Studio 4C's Genius Party anthology films would both be coming to Toronto as part of the Worldwide Short Film Festival in June. When the festival... More »
By Todd Brown   

WSFF08: 'Shorts For Shorties' preview

The short film gods have smiled kindly upon me and I will be previewing a number of the programs for the upcoming Worldwide Short Film Festival. Tonight we start our tour with Shorts For Shorties: Into (And Out of) This... More »

The Worldwide Short Film Festival in Trailer Form ...

My lords and masters at the Worldwide Short Film Festival - I programmed the Midnight sections and helped bring in the Genius Party anthologies as well as the series of Thai short commemorating the King of Thailand's 80th birthday... More »
By Todd Brown   


A van of attractive college students heading into the remote woods? It can only mean one thing: time for a bloodbath! Robert Cosnahan's Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre is exactly what you think it is: a loopy, blood soaked splatter comedy... More »
By Todd Brown   


In the official selection at the 2008 Worldwide Short Film Festival Ivan McCullough's Frankie looks to be one solid piece of work - a film that takes a pretty serious subject and reframes it in a way that makes it... More »
By Todd Brown   


As we lead up to the launch of the 2008 Worldwide Short Film Festival here in Toronto I'm finally getting the chance to sort through some of the films appearing in other people's programs - I was responsible for the... More »
By Todd Brown