Udine 2014: Twitch's Top Ten Most Anticipated Films

Friday, April 25 sees the start of the 16th edition of Europe's biggest and finest festival for popular Asian cinema -- the Udine Far East Film Festival. During the busy and eventful nine days, attendees will be able to watch... More »

Udine 2013 Review: Despite Lame Title, HOW TO USE GUYS WITH SECRET TIPS Is a Minor Revelation

Being one of the more tired genres to litter the multiplexes, every so often romantic comedies need a little boost to remind us that they can be worthwhile. Out of all of the national industries that regularly churn them out,... More »

Udine 2013 Review: TOUCH OF THE LIGHT Offers A Polite Reminder Not To Abandon Your Dreams

"Presented" by Wong Kar Wai and directed by Chang Jung-chi, Touch of the Light isn't an incredibly deep or adventurous movie, but I dare you to watch it and not reflect at least once, "maybe I should give some of... More »

Udine 2013 Review: THE WAY WE DANCE Finds The Right Beat

The latest offering from local indie director Adam Wong strives to be Hong Kong's answer to the Step Up dance flicks, and largely transcends its budgetary limitations to deliver a toe-tapping, unashamedly feel-good romp. High-school graduate Fleur (Cherry Ngan) lives for dance. Every... More »

Udine 2013 Review: MARUYAMA, THE MIDDLE SCHOOLER Is A Surprisingly Endearing Comedy About Self-Fellatio

Before seeing Maruyama, The Middle Schooler, I would have said that making a two-hour comedy about a fourteen-year-old boy who's primary ambition throughout the film is to, as the omniscient narrator puts it, "to touch his own weeny with his... More »


That Japanese college students donning wrestling masks and tights to try their hand at flamboyant professional style wrestling would prove entertaining came as no surprise. That it could be as touching, heartfelt and emotionally satisfying as it is in Gachi... More »
By Todd Brown   


[Once again pulling forward an earlier review for a film that played here in Udine yesterday. Having the chance to see Our Town on the big screen only reinforced my opinions below ... this is one very good film... More »
By Todd Brown   


[The Udine Far East Film Festival celebrates its tenth edition this year. The lady friend and I rolled in to town last night and while we missed yesterday's screenings one of the late pictures was Muay Thai Chaiya, a... More »
By Todd Brown   


Perhaps the highest compliment that can be paid to Feng Xiaogang’s The Assembly, a film built around Communist Chinese military campaigns of the forties and fifties, is that he has created a film that completely and utterly transcends politics.... More »
By Todd Brown   


And the hot streak continues for Johnnie To. While the latest from the prolific action auteur lacks the blistering intensity of the Election films and the extreme high style of Exiled it reunites him with a pair of favored collaborators... More »
By Todd Brown   

NYAFF Report: THE REBEL (Dòng Máu Anh Hùng) Review

Stories about stunt men writing, producing and starring in their own movies -- movies directed by their own brothers, no less -- do not exactly inspire confidence. What do muscle heads know about writing scripts? Telling stories? Making films?... More »
By Todd Brown   

Udine 2008 Wrap Up!

All good things must come to an end, unfortunately, and after a fantastic time at the Udine Far East Film Festival the lady-friend and I have made our way back home to Toronto. Let me say this: if you're at... More »
By Todd Brown   

Udine Report: YOUR FRIENDS Review

In some ways Your Friends, the latest film from pink film director turned arthouse favorite Ryuichi Hiroki, represents a major change for the director. After all it includes none of the sexual content or domestic violence that have attracted attention... More »
By Todd Brown   

Udine Report: THE BLACK HOUSE Review

The Korean adaptation of a famous Japanese novel, word is that The Black House plays a little bit fast and loose with its source material. It’s a situation that might upset fans of the original work but as someone... More »
By Todd Brown   

Udine Report: THE BODY Review

Let me be clear right from the beginning. The Body is not a good film. It’s big and messy and hugely over reliant on CGI, showing all signs of a young director being a bad match to the script,... More »
By Todd Brown   

Udine Report: THE GUARD POST (GP506) Review

One of the most anticipated Korean genre films in recent days, R-Point director Kong Su-Chang’s sophomore effort is blessed with a strong premise – soldiers manning an isolated guard post along the Korean DMZ infected with a strange virus... More »
By Todd Brown   

Udine Report: CROWS 0 Review

[Another review pulled forward from the archive to coincide with the film's screening at this year's Udine Far East Film Festival, this one my review of Takashi Miike's Crows 0, originall reviewed when it screened at the American Film... More »
By Todd Brown   


Coming as it does from the production arm of major Japanese broadcaster TBS it should probably not be quite so surprising that medical thriller The Glorious Team Batista plays like little more than an over blown television movie but somehow... More »
By Todd Brown   


Slightly uneven in tone, slightly baffling in the way it builds comedy out of realistic family violence, Yoshida Daihachi’s Funuke: Show Some Love You Losers boasts impressive performances and enough stylistic zing to mark Yoshida as a film maker to... More »
By Todd Brown   

Udine Report: IN THE POOL Review

What will audiences find In The Pool? A surprisingly confident feature debut from TV veteran Satoshi Miki – the subject of a retrospective here at the Udine Far East Film Festival – for one thing, a pleasingly loopy and... More »
By Todd Brown   
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