If one thing became evident this year as we prepared for Toronto After Dark is that we here at Twitch are a lot like a local Toronto television station, CityTV. Locals know. The slogan is 'CityTV. Everywhere'. And we at... More »

Toronto After Dark 2012: Final Wave Of 11 Films Announced!

Ah, fall. Such a wonderful time of the year. The leaves on the trees begin to turn their vibrant colors. The air has a bit of nip to it. Frost glazes over our car windows each night. Fall also harkens... More »

Bradford 2012 review: THE INNKEEPERS

Why do so many characters in horror movies end up dooming themselves through their stubborn refusal to take what's going on at face value? To be fair, we all say we'd do things differently but it's a hard thing to... More »

LIFF 2011: THE DIVIDE review

Xavier Gens' superb The Divide basically posits that should the bombs drop and the world get blown to radioactive splinters, the scariest thing that could happen wouldn't be finding out you were screwed. It'd be finding out that given the... More »


There are some ideas it's hard to see how people could possibly screw up. Take horror (as in the supernatural) in the middle of a war zone. You've got potentially limitless subtext, the nightmares soldiers and civilians go through literally... More »

Grimm Up North 2011: THE THEATRE BIZARRE review

Horror's pretty dumb, right, when you get down to it? Subjecting ourselves to seedy vicarious thrills when if we took pleasure in the same things in real life we'd be clinically insane. Lots of people level this argument against genre... More »

Toronto After Dark 2011: THE INNKEEPERS Review

There is a scene, perhaps midway through Ti West's most recent film of spooky interiors and patient tracking-shots, where an underpaid employee struggles to get a bag of garbage in to the rear alley bin.  It is as good of... More »


On its last night the Toronto After Dark Film Festival concluded its sixth year and the very strong program concluded with one of my most anticipated films, Ti West's The Innkeepers. The Yankee Pedlar Inn is closing its doors for good.... More »

Finally! A Trailer For Ti West's Haunted Hotel Flick THE INNKEEPERS!

Well it is about freaking time! Towards the end of the Toronto After Film Festival we all knew the closing gala film was going to be Ti West's haunted hotel flick The Innkeepers but there was no trailer to be... More »

TADFF 2011: VS Review

Four Super Heroes - Charge, Cutthroat, Shadow and The Wall - find themselves abducted by their Arch Nemesis, Rickshaw, and are forced to compete in a series of challenges in order to save an small town full of kidnapped innocent civilians.Trost... More »

Toronto After Dark 2011: THE WOMAN Review

After watching a movie that takes place in such a strange headspace such as Lucky McKee's The Woman, it is probably best to let the thing percolate a bit before even attempting to articulate a reaction.  The prime example... More »

Toronto After Dark 2011: THE DIVIDE Review

Not a moment is given before the gorgeously apocalyptic opening of Xavier Gens new film sees its cast of characters barricaded in the basement bunker of a New York City high-rise.  Then the few survivors have all the time in... More »

TADFF 2011: MANBORG Review

The Gates of Hell have been opened and the Earth is engaged in worldwide battle with Draculon and his army. A young soldier, killed in battle, is pulled from the battlefield and rebuilt with an array of cybernetic parts and... More »

TADFF 2011: ABSENTIA Review.

It takes seven years without contact before someone can be legally declared dead "in absentia". Tricia has held onto the hope that her husband would return after vanishing with a trace, but the time has come to move on with her... More »

Grimm Up North 2011: THE WOMAN review

What you get out of Lucky McKee's The Woman, a piece of ultraviolent drama that's brilliant and infuriating by turns, is probably dependent on how serious you think the director and his writing partner, novelist Jack Ketchum are being. The... More »

Toronto After Dark 2011: A LONELY PLACE TO DIE Review

Where has the mountain climbing thriller gone?  Was it ever here?  Sure there was the epic string of them in the 1930s in Germany and a 2008 adventure movie called The North Face, a couple great documentaries (Everest, Touching the Void)... More »


In the world of the zombie genre it is difficult to make a film stand out. Often having to merge genres together rather than playing it straight helps. By combining the elements of a zombie film with a buddy road trip... More »


War of the Dead has a troubled past. It has changed lead actors a couple times. Two production companies lost their bankrolls and pulled out. It changed names a couple times as well. But, like a good zombie, it just wouldn't... More »

TADFF 2011: FATHER'S DAY review

Does it help to know who Astron 6 and Troma are before you watch Father's Day? Sure. You would at least know, sort of, what to expect. Does it prepare you for the onslaught of sexiness, crudeness, grossness, horror and hilarity... More »

Toronto After Dark 2011: LOVE Review

What are human beings if not feedback organisms?  We talk, we fight, we do both horrible and wonderful things to each other across the world on a daily basis; at times we are a reflection of what others tells us... More »
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