Sundance 2014 Dispatch: GREEN PRINCE and A MOST WANTED MAN

Festivals are funny things. You're seeing loads of films all at once, a kind of gorging that only happens sporadically throughout the year. Often you get inadvertent connections between films, thematic consistency that otherwise might go unnoticed. Sometimes these connections... More »

Sundance 2014: Jason Gorber's Cineplex Diaries

In addition to regular reviews here at Twitch, along with the weekly Twitchvision sements, I had the privilege this year to provide coverage for 2014 Sundance Film Festival for Over the 11 days of the fest (along with two... More »

Sundance 2014: Twitch Wraps It Up With Our Reviews and Top Picks

Perhaps one of the less headline-grabbing festivals of recent years, this year's Sundance Film Fest certainly had some stand out premieres from The Raid 2 to Boyhood. This year's festival will likely be remembered as the year of first and... More »

Twitchvision: Jason Gorber Talks Sundance 2014

Here's a special Sundance edition of Twitchvision, where I broadcast from the lobby of the Yarrow Hotel in Park City, Utah. The first segment has talk of the opening films, including The Overnighters, Adam Wingard's The Guest, and Michael Fassbender... More »

Sundance 2014: Twitch Raises The Curtain With 13 Must-Sees

Oh boy! It's Sundance time with the big winter fest kicking off today! The Twitch staff is primed and ready with our own head honcho Todd Brown making it out to Park City for the first time in too many... More »

Sundance 2014 Preview - Midnight, Premieres, & Spotlight

The Sundance Film Fest is kicking off in Park City tomorrow and we've got another edition of our preview series to round things out. We've already covered the US Dramatic, World Dramatic, and NEXT competitions, and the Documentary sections. On... More »

Sundance 2014 Preview - Documentary Sections

It's Sundance Film Fest preview week around here and we kicked things off yesterday with a look at the US Dramatic, World Dramatic, and NEXT programs. Today we turn our attention to the documentary programs with a peek at a... More »

Sundance 2014 Preview: US Dramatic, World Dramatic, & NEXT Competitions

It's that most wonderful time of the year when the independent film world bundles up and heads to snowy Park City to find out what treasures of indie cinema await over the rest of 2014. Yes it's Sundance time and... More »

Twitch Looks In-Depth at Sundance's NEXT WEEKEND Mini-Fest

We already told you about the awesome Opening Night festivities the organizers of Sundance's NEXT WEEKEND festival have in store with tonight's cemetery screening of Chris Smith's hilarious 1999 documentary American Movie, followed by Mark Borchardt's Coven, the film which... More »

FEAR & LOATHING @ SUNDANCE PART 4: Boozie Movies Gets In Too Deep

CHAPTER 7: YOGA PANTSI'm standing outside of a small floral boutique that has been temporarily remodeled into a gifting suite.  I'm chain smoking Newport 100s and getting plenty of ugly looks from the V.I.P. fest goers coming and going through... More »

Sundance 2013: Twitch Wraps It Up

Sundance has come and Sundance has gone, but the reviews just keep on rolling in. While there will be a couple last reviews that trickle in this weekend, most eyes are already looking towards Berlin and SXSW as the... More »

FEAR & LOATHING @ SUNDANCE PART 3: Boozie Movies Nurses A Hangover With Bullets And Coffee

CHAPTER 5: V IS FOR DILDOI wake up in the back of a van. I immediately recognize that waking up covered in your own blood in the back of a van is not a good thing. Why am I not... More »


CHAPTER 2: THESE FUCKERS MAKE THE BOURGEOIS LOOK THE PROLATERIATThe moment you reach the entrance of the Salt Lake City airport, the first thing you realize is that you truly are out in the middle of nowhere. I look around... More »

Sundance 2013: Twitch Raises the Curtain with Our Top 20 Picks of the Fest

Today is the big day, as Sundance 2013 kicks off tonight in frigid Park City, Utah. We've already taken you through the catalog with our three-part series providing a look at the four competition slates, the dramatic and documentary... More »

FEAR & Loathing @ Sundance. Boozie Movies boards a plane straight to HELL!

PROLOGUE: PANIC ATTACKS AND PROSTATE INFECTIONSFor anyone who's stuck going through life dealing with any form of an anxiety related disorder, there is no hell quite like having a panic attack in an airplane bathroom. I'm drunk with the spins... More »

Sundance 2013 Preview: Midnight, Next, Spotlight, & New Frontiers

Sundance is kicking off tomorrow! Have you packed your long johns yet? We've spent the last two days walking you through all four competition slates and the dramatic and documentary premieres. Today we finish off the program with a... More »

Sundance 2013 Preview: Dramatic and Documentary Premieres

We launched part one of our Sundance Preview series yesterday with a look at all four competition slates. Today we take you through a handful of our picks from the out of competition Premieres and Documentary Premieres sections. Stay... More »

Sundance 2013 Preview: The Competition Slates

If you've been hanging out around these parts, then you probably know the Sundance Film Festival is just around the corner. We've got our trusty series of previews leading up to Thursday's festival kickoff all queued up. We're starting... More »

Sundance 2013: 10 Films to Watch Before The Fest - Best of the Rest

The Sundance Film Festival kicks off one week from today and we've got 10 more movies for you to cram in before heading out to Park City. You may have already caught the first two parts of our series... More »

Sundance 2013: 10 Films to Watch Before The Fest - Documentaries

T-Minus ten days until the Sundance Film Festival ramps up in snowy Park City and time is short to get your prep work done. We've already brought you 10 Films to Watch from the Dramatic Competitions. Now we'll fill... More »
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