Watch The Teaser For Fantastic Fest And Sitges Selection THE INCIDENT

Just days before Isaac Ezban's science fiction picture The Incident (El Incidente) premieres in North America at Austin's Fantastic Fest, the first teaser trailer has arrived online courtesy of Cine Caníbal, the company that will distribute the film next year... More »

Sitges 2014: Antonio Banderas, AUTOMATA, SPRING, WHEN ANIMALS DREAM, And More

It's mere weeks until the most beautiful corner of Catalunya plays host to hoards of genre film fans (myself included). The latest news from the Sitges Festival announces that Antonio Banderas will receive the Grand Honourary Award for his lifetime... More »


The countdown is on to my favourite festival! Sitges 2014 is on this October 3 - 12 on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean, and the first wave of amazing programing was announced this morning. Among a plethora of titles,... More »

Sitges 2014 to Open with [REC]4: APOCALYPSE: Watch The New Trailer!

Director Jaume Balagueró was on hand today at the Sitges Film Festival press conference, to present the first trailer for the last film in the [REC] franchise. [REC]4: Apocalypse is set to open the festival, which will run October 3rd -... More »

Sitges 2013 Review: PEOPLE IN PLACES Is An Experimental Charmer

Gente en sitios (People In Places) is the latest movie from Spanish director Juan Cavestany. Cavestany has an extensive background in both cinema and theatre as director and writer, but remains mostly unknown to the general public even in his... More »

Sitges 2013 Review: MINDSCAPE Is An Intriguing Twist On The Classic Thriller

Sigmund Freud described the human mind as a series of rooms. In each one, our psychological traumas and memories are hidden, and our subconscious keeps many of them locked. These strange rooms of the mind and their secrets are explored... More »

Sitges 2013 Review: AMERICAN JESUS, An Outside Look At The Fringe Faces Of Christianity

When an American tells you that they're a Christian, you might need to ask them what denomination, and the answer you get might not be one of the more common ones. In his second feature documentary, Spanish directer Aram Garriga... More »

Sitges 2013: IN THE NAME OF THE SON Wins Méliès d'Or Award

The Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival has just kicked off and they are already handing out the hardware. Belgian drama Au Nom De Fils, In The Name Of The Son, has taken home the coveted Méliès d'Or Award for the Best... More »

Exclusive: New SAVAGED Trailer Gives 'Em Hell!

I had not realized that the lads behind revenge horror flick Savaged were so close to completion, yet here we are on the eve of the film's unveiling at some premium international festivals. You can see Savaged at its Asian... More »


The countdown is on until my favourite European fantastic film festival begins. In jutst a few weeks, I will be sipping rioja by the Mediterranean Sea and watching some amazing films. And the festival has just announced the next crop... More »

Sitges 2013 to Open With GRAND PIANO

My favourite fantastic film festival has come out of the gate swinging with the first announcement of titles for the 2013 edition, and so far it's a pretty exciting line-up. The festival will open with local favourite Eugenio Mira's Grand... More »

Euro Beat: Sitges Wrap, Plus Good News for KLOWN Fans

You notice the difference between Sitges and other festivals immediately. While most genre festivals have midnight screenings, Sitges shows triple features that begin at 1:00 am. Every night. And, depending on the length of the program, you may still get... More »

Sitges 2012 Dispatch: Subtitle Woes, and Jennifer Lynch's CHAINED

I would really like to tell you about Marçal Forés' fantastic story of an adolescent and his talking teddy bear, Animals, and Fernando Cortizo's gorgeous animated fantasy film O Apostolo. But I cannot. I can tell you a little bit... More »

Sitges 2012 Review: THE SECOND DEATH Finds New Terror in Religion

Argentinean director Santiago Fernández Calvete's The Second Death is an oddity: A hard-boiled, supernatural mystery that revolves heavily around Catholic dogma. Its engagement with religion is far more complex than the slew of exorcism movies we've been subjected to as... More »

HOLY MOTORS Wins Big At Sitges!

Leos Carax's Holy Motors won Official In-Competition Fantàstic Selection and Carax also took home the best director award earlier today at the Sitges Film Festival. The film also won awards in two other categories as well: the International Fantastic Film... More »

Sitges 2012 Counterpoint Review: THE LORDS OF SALEM Turns a Satanic Cult into a Snoozefest

Goofy. That's the word that kept popping into my head through the entire running time of Rob Zombie's baffling Polanski rip-off, The Lords of Salem. Not weird, not bizarre, not hallucinogenic, and certainly not Lynchian, as some critics (including our... More »

IFC Midnight Enters The CRAWLSPACE

Justin Dix's claustrophobic special forces thriller Crawlspace, which is currently playing in competition at prestigious genre film festival Sitges in Spain, has now found a home in North America, with IFC Midnight picking up the film for a 2013 release... More »


My second day at Sitges was the day of the slasher movie. Besides watching the Irish comedy/slasher, Stitches, and a blood-soaked documentary on the evolution of the genre, I once again contemplated the Maniac remake, which I found inspired and... More »

Sitges 2012 Review: BLOOD-C THE LAST DARK Brings Mixed Closure To The Franchise

The Blood-C saga is the latest entry in the long running Blood: The Last Vampire franchise, which has spanned different media such as novels, manga, TV series and films. Produced in collaboration by Production I.G and famous manga creators CLAMP,... More »

Sitges 2012 Review: THE VAMPIRE SPIDER Sneaks Up, Then Attacks!

The first thing that should be known going into The Vampire Spider (La Araña Vampiro) is that, despite the title and the fact that it just premiered at a genre film festival, it is not a wild B-movie about a... More »
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