Lech Majewski's The Mill and the Cross is odd. More two hours of art appreciation than an conventional film, it tells the story (or possibly a story) of the artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder and what it was that led... More »


If Jim Mickle's brilliant Stake Land has one thing above all else to teach us it's that cliches do not matter in the slightest if the person using them knows what they're doing. Stake Land tells the story of a... More »


[Our thanks to Kurtiss Hare for offering a handful of reviews from SFIFF54.] Kurtiss Hare and I met in line waiting for films at the 54th edition of the San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF54). I checked out his... More »

SFIFF54: Michael Hawley Wrap-Ups Four Special Events

[Our thanks to Michael Hawley for offering this entry to Twitch.]The 54th edition of the San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF54) drew to a close on Thursday, May 5, after showcasing 193 films from 48 countries at 265 screenings... More »

SIFF 2011: Hey Seattle, Get Ready for the Full Seattle International Film Festival Lineup!

The Seattle International Film Festival will be kicking off later this month, and they were kind enough to pass along the full festival lineup. The full program notes including the schedule and film descriptions will go live on May 5th,... More »

BIFF 2011: 13 ASSASSINS review

Miike Takashi's chanbara flick 13 Assassins will probably strike a lot of people as much more impressive than it really is, if they've never seen a Kurosawa movie, read Lone Wolf & Cub or even missed out on Yôji... More »

SFIFF54: A Dozen

[Our thanks to Frako Loden for offering this egg carton's worth of reviews to Twitch.] For this year's San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF54), I have yet to go on a screener binge--that starts later today--so I'll be attending festival... More »

SFIFF54 Late Shows - STAKE LAND, THE SELLING, Outrage, The Troll Hunter

I believe it was the seminal hip hop group Whodini who coined the phrase "the freaks come out at night," and so it goes with San Francisco's more adventurous cinema fans. For me, the absolute highlights of each San Francisco... More »

SFIFF54: Black Bread, End of Animal, Aurora, Nostalgia for the Light, On Tour

 If the film festival is a safe place for cinephiles to celebrate the medium and champion the theater experience in the face of a retreating movie culture, then The San Francisco International Film Festival programmers have done well in selecting... More »


[Allow me to introduce the most recent intern for The Evening Class, Jackson Scarlett, known to local cinephiles through his efforts for the Global Film Initiative and as publicity coordinator for the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. We... More »


[Our thanks to Michael Hawley for providing these SFIFF54 screener reviews.] The 54th edition of the San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF54) gets underway this Thursday, April 21 and runs until May 5. Since the Opening Press Conference three weeks... More »

SFIFF54: Interview With Joanne Parsont, SFFS Director of Education

Joanne Parsont has worked in the Bay Area film community for 15 years as a film programmer, writer, editor, consultant, project manager and media educator, specializing in outreach, education, youth media, children's and documentary programming. She spent eight years directing... More »


"Men perish because they cannot join the beginning to the end."--Alcmaeon of Croton. Mike Mills' Beginners had its world premiere at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival where its initial reviews (as rounded up by David Hudson at MUBI) applauded... More »

STAKE LAND (2010): Interview With Jim Mickle

Jim Mickle's Stake Land (2010), co-written by its leading star Nick Damici, has been a consensual favorite for the Twitch team even before its world premiere at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), where Midnight Madness programmer Colin Geddes... More »

THE DIGNITY OF THE NOBODIES: Interview with Fernando "Pino" Solanas

[With the recent publication of my friend Matthew Losada's profile of Argentine documentarian Fernando Solanas for the Great Directors database at Senses of Cinema, I felt now would be a good time to revisit my interview with Solanas from the... More »

SFIFF51—The SF360 Interview With Alex Rivera, Director of SLEEP DEALER

My thanks to Sonia Rosario, Vice President of Marketing at Maya Releasing, for her permission to leap over the "hold review" on Sleep Dealer, allowing SF360 to publish my interview with director Alex Rivera. Like myself, she agrees that keeping... More »

SFIFF51: GONZO—Q&A With Director Alex Gibney

Graham Leggat introduced Graydon Carter, one of the producers of the closing night film Gonzo: The Life and Work Of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, and the editor of Vanity Fair magazine since 1992. Not only was this the West Coast... More »

SFIFF51—Sleep Dealer

Alex Rivera's debut feature Sleep Dealer was developed at the 2000 and 2001 Sundance Institute Feature Film Program labs, and won the 2002 Sundance/NHK award and a 2004 Annenberg Feature Film Fellowship. It then moved on to win two major... More »

SFIFF51: THE LAST MISTRESS—Opening Night Q&A With Catherine Breillat

Frail, yet radiantly self-amused, Catherine Breillat admitted to being moved by Graham Leggat's introductory remarks and expressed her pleasure to be back in San Francisco. By way of her own introduction to SFIFF51's opening night presentation of The Last Mistress... More »

SFIFF51—Michael Hawley At the Starting Gun!

Ready, get set, go! The wait is over and the 51st San Francisco International Film Festival is fixed to begin. Over the past few weeks I've had the chance to preview a handful of festival titles on screener (plus one... More »
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