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The New York Asian Film Festival Starts Tomorrow And It's Packed With Awesome! Check Out All The Program Trailers!

Yes, kids, the New York Asian Film Festival kicks off its latest edition tomorrow and - once again true to form - it is packed up fill to the brim with awesome. But don't take my word for it! They've... More »
By Todd Brown   

Get Stomped By The NYAFF 2014 Trailer!

Brace yourselves, New Yorkers! The 13th edition of the New York Asian Film kicks off tomorrow and things are going to get crazy. I mean, look at the header image. That's how these guys roll. And if you prefer your... More »
By Todd Brown   

New York Asian Film Fest Will Own Your Summer!

If you're a New York cinephile then today is the day you basically will much of your summer away to the guys at Subway Cinema, as they've announced the full line up for the 2014 edition of NYAFF.Chock full of... More »
By Ben Umstead   

The 2013 New York Asian Film Festival Offers Up An Extreme Smattering Of Cinema From The Far East

Always a highlight of summer in New York, the 12th edition of the New York Asian Film Festival kicks off this Friday, June 28 and runs till July 15. In an effort to guide you through the cinematic chaos (albeit... More »
By Ben Umstead   

Watch An Exclusive Clip From IP MAN: THE FINAL FIGHT

Screening at the New York Asian Film Festival on June 30th, director Herman Yau's Ip Man: The Final Fight puts a cap on Yau's string of Ip Man films with Anthony Wong playing the character this time out as the... More »
By Todd Brown   

NYAFF Announces Their Full 2013 Line Up!

There's no doubt about it, for those of us at Twitch who get to go -- and you lucky New York readers -- the New York Asian Film Festival is always a highlight of our film-going year. And this time... More »
By Ben Umstead   

NYAFF 2013 Announces Jay Chou's THE ROOFTOP Plus 22 More Titles

The annual celebration of cinematic goodness that is the New York Asian Film Festival has announced that Jay Chou's The Rooftop will serve as the closing night presentation. They've also announced a raft of premieres and salutes. Here's more from... More »
By Peter Martin   

NYAFF 2012: It's An 'ACE' in the Hole as NYAFF Announces Audience Awards

I am a bit wary to just post a press releases almost all on its lonesome, but when it's from the folks at the New York Asian Film Festival, well... that's an exception I'll gladly make! So without further ado,... More »
By Ben Umstead   

NYAFF/Japan Cuts 2012 Screening: MONSTERS CLUB, A Brief But Beautiful Poetic Gem

One of the film's playing under the co-banner of the 2012 New York Asian Film Fest and Japan Society's Japan Cuts is Toshiaki Toyoda's Monsters Club, having its US premiere this Sunday, July 15 at Japan Society. Our correspondent Alexander... More »
By Ben Umstead   

NYAFF 2012: NY Premiere of Takashi Miike's ACE ATTORNEY

I remember being vaguely aware of Ace Attorney, the unlikely basis for Takashi Miike's latest mainstreamer, but never realized the game series had such a huge following. How huge, you ask? We're talking over 4 million units sold. That's a... More »

NYAFF 2012 Screening: SCABBARD SAMURAI, A Swordless, Sincere Comedy

Many of us here at Twitch adore funnyman-turned-filmmaker Hitoshi Matsumoto and his ever growing stable of directorial offerings. First we had the wildly inventive mockumentary Big Man Japan. Then there was the most profound film based around a fart joke... More »
By Ben Umstead   

NYAFF 2012 Retrospective: A Legend in the Flesh - The Life and Career of Choi Min-sik

Biography In discussing the life and works of South Korea's legendary actor Choi Min-sik, who is making a special appearance at this year's New York Asian Film Festival, I feel the first thing that should be mentioned is how very... More »
By Pierce Conran   

NYAFF 2012 Screening: The Full SEEDIQ BALE is an Epic Time at the Movies

This July 4th New Yorkers are offered a truly momentous way to spend the day, as the 2012 New York Asian Film Festival will be screening the uncut, two-part Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale from Taiwanese upstart Wei Te-Sheng.... More »
By Ben Umstead   

NYAFF 2012 Opening Night Screening: VULGARIA

The 2012 New York Asian Film Festival opened with a bang on Friday night with Pang Ho-Cheung's "astonishingly filthy" film industry send-up, VULGARIA. And when we say "bang," we're not talking explosions, here. There wasn't enough money for pyrotechnics in... More »

NYAFF 2012 Screening: THE SWORD IDENTITY Weaves a New Tale

The 2012 New York Asian Film Festival is now in full swing, and in addition to full reviews we'll also be posting capsule reviews for some of the titles that we've covered before. Case in point: the New York premiere... More »
By Peter Martin   

Hey NYC! Wanna Win Tix To See CORMAN'S WORLD?

I'd imagine that if you're a regular reader of Twitch, then the answer is yes.In our NYFF 2011 wrap-up , Peter Gutierrez said of Corman's World: The Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel, Alex Stapleton's doc on moviemaking maniac Roger Corman:... More »
By Ben Umstead   

Michael Fassbender Appears To Be In Quite The Pickle In The Trailer For Steve McQueen's SHAME

Shame -- a short, compact word, one that we seem to forget the full force of quite often. Well, perhaps Steve McQueen's follow-up to his equally simple-titled-but-loaded Hunger can remind us just how hard hitting a word it can be.... More »
By Ben Umstead   

NYC Happenings: Sono's LOVE EXPOSURE Releases At Cinema Village Sept. 2nd!

Long been a favorite around these parts, Sion Sono's gonzo epic on love and madness, is finally getting a proper theatrical run in New York City thanks to Olive Films, which means...  press release!New York, NY - August 8, 2011... More »
By Ben Umstead   

NYAFF Audience Award Winners Announced!

Our regular readers would probably know that I live in a sunny city far, far away from New York, but it doesn't stop me being jealous of those of you who live in New York and get to go... More »
By Hugo Ozman   

NYAFF Is Just Around The Corner And That Means...

Robots, ninjas, dancing, slicing, ninja kids... deer. Just another typical New York Asian Film Festival... or is it? 'Cause this year it is their tenth anniversary, and boy by the looks of their official trailer do things look sweet. Take... More »
By Ben Umstead   
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