Hot Docs 2014 Lineup Announced: From Pulp to Alice Cooper To Weddings to Zombies And Much More

Toronto's Hot Docs Festival is Canada's largest festival dedicated solely to documentaries. It is perhaps the world's largest too, for that matter. The festival organizers have announced the full film line-up for the upcoming 21st edition, which runs from April 24... More »

HotDocs Launchs Inaugural Floating Polar Film Festival With Quark Expeditions

Putting a film festival on a cruise ship is nothing new; Dusty Cohl and company have been putting on The Floating Film Festival for about 20 years, and there are undoubtedly others as well. But the Floating Polar Film Festival, which... More »

Hot Docs 2013 Review: 12 O'CLOCK BOYS Is A Hell Of A Ride

It's no surprise to long term readers of my reviews that I'm kind of enamoured with David Simon's Baltimore. From Homicide: Life On The Streets, through The Corner and of course The Wire (still perhaps the best programme that has... More »

Hot Docs 2013 Review: AFTER TILLER Is Important, Vital Look at Late Term Abortion Doctor in US

On May 31, 2009, Doctor George Tiller was murdered while attending his regular Sunday church service. The doctor was one of a handful trained and willing to perform what are almost antiseptically referred to as "late term" abortions, the termination... More »

Hot Docs 2013 Review: MUSCLE SHOALS Is A Stunning, Soulful Achievement

It's a rare thing, the truly engaging music documentary. You have to have a number of things come together to make it more than just a series of clips from some music you feel palatable. The best films are those... More »

Twitchvision: Talking IRON MAN 3 and More HOT DOCS!

With Hot Docs winding down this weekend, was time to highlight a couple more faves, from the Ross Brother's 3-hour-epic River, through Caucus, After Tiller, and 12 O'Clock Boys. Full reviews of these to come, so consider these a video... More »

Hot Docs 2013 Review: THE EXPEDITION TO THE END OF THE WORLD Asks Big Questions in Wide Open Spaces

Specifically, the eponymous End of the World is a place: The northern shores of Greenland that have been inaccessible due to ice-locked waterways, which now, due to changing climes, are open for a mere few weeks a year to such... More »

Twitchvision: Talking PAIN & GAIN, THE COLONY, and More HOT DOCS Goodness!

Our weekly Twitchvision hit, this time chatting over the phone with stalwart host Scott Laurie about the likes of The Colony and Michael Bay's Goodfellas-lite, Pain & Gain.Hot Docs is in full swing, with a number of full reviews on... More »


The title is a mouthful, but is a entirely appropriate and poetic link to the film's subject matter, the bizarre Vegas-in-the-Ozarks refuge that is Branson, Missouri.Nestled in the heart of hillbilly country, the town of 10,000 plays home to millions... More »

Hot Docs 2013 Review: TALES FROM THE ORGAN TRADE Is Wonderfully Nuanced

Far too often "issue" films play out as mere polemics, dogmatically reemphasizing a given point of view to a receptive audience. I often find these type of films dreary and intellectually barren, a lazy form of near propaganda that does... More »

Hot Docs 2013 Interview: TALES FROM THE ORGAN TRADE Director Ric Esther Bienstock

Ric Esther Bienstock's documentary about human organ trafficking is both beautifully made and refreshingly sophisticated. I spoke with the Emmy Award winning director as her film is set to make its local debut at Toronto's Hot Docs festival.What I... More »

Hot Docs 2013 Review: WILLIAM AND THE WINDMILL Subverts the Expected TEDtalk Narrative

What exactly is William and The Windmill about?  Is it the story of a resourceful and ingenious young Malawi boy who builds a windmill from available detritus using diagrams in a book so his parents have a way to... More »

Hot Docs 2013 Review: THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF DORIS PAYNE is Glamorous and Mundane

It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to walk into a jewelry store and pull a pure short-con swindle. Doris Payne, now in her early eighties, remains as wiry and razor sharp as she ever was, pulling one jewel... More »

Hot Docs 2013 Review: THE MANOR is the GODFATHER of Jewish Strip-Club Owning Family Films

About an hour West of Toronto lies Guelph, Ontario. It's a college town, known for its slightly hippie vibe, strong connection with all things agricultural, and a quaint downtown. Attractions include a local brewery and a nearby Antique Festival that's... More »

Jewel Thiefs! Reindeer Herding! Sex for Trees! HotDocs Celebrates Its 20th In Style

One of the world's largest documentary film festivals, Toronto's HotDocs turns 20 this year.  To celebrate, they are screening a whopping 205 films from 43 countries from April 25th to May 5th at their dedicated cinema, The Bloor-Hotdocs Cinema, as... More »

ABOUT FACE: SUPERMODELS THEN AND NOW Director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders on the Business of Beauty

During this year's Hot Docs film festival in Toronto, I had the chance to speak with director/photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders about About Face: Supermodels Then and Now, a documentary that captures much more than the one-dimensional portraits of iconic supermodels whose familiar... More »
By Rachel Fox   

Rape as Occupational Hazard: THE INVISIBLE WAR Director Kirby Dick on Exposing the U.S. Military's Shameful Cover-up

Occasionally a documentary manages to attract enough attention that it begins to trickle into our collective conversation, perhaps even holding sway for some kind of proactive social response. One hopes that the impact of director Kirby Dick's (Twist of Faith,... More »
By Rachel Fox   


Pertti, Toni, Kari and Sami can really put on a great show. They are the members of very popular punk group in Finland, Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (Pertti Kurikka's Name Day). As Kari sings in his guttural voice about the greatness... More »

CHINA HEAVYWEIGHT Director Yung Chang Talks Boxing, Everyday People, and Fruit Hunter Bill Pullman

Following the critical and commercial success of his 2007 documentary, Up the Yangtze, director Yung Chang once again turns his camera towards a rapidly-modernizing China in China Heavyweight. The day before his film is set to have its Canadian premier... More »
By Rachel Fox   

HotDocs 2012: PUSHWAGNER Review

An aging Norwegian pop artist, Hariton Pushwagner, is the subject of this larger-than-life documentary, directed by Even Benestad and August B. Hanssen. And it's a great doc about an eccentric artist, rivaling Crumb in its charm and scope.It is clear from the... More »
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