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Berlinale 2014: Laying Bare The NYMPHOMANIAC Director's Cut

Lars von Trier swore a vow of silence after his controversial remarks at 2011's Cannes Film Festival. You may recall him comparing himself, tongue firmly in cheek, to a Nazi during the Melancholia press conference and the whole thing... More »
By Ben Croll   

Berlin Film Festival 2013: Twitch Previews the Panorama And Forum Programs

If there was one thing that our Berlin Competition Preview lacked, it was smiles. I mean, just get a load of all the glum, tortured faces from stills! The only character who's not miserable is the girl in the Hong... More »
By Brian Clark   

Berlin Film Festival 2013: Twitch Previews the Competition

Moving right along from Sundance and Rotterdam, here comes Berlinale! Starting Thursday, we'll be bringing you updates from the festival, but before the cold-weather movie marathon begins, lets take a look at some films that stood out in the lineup.... More »
By Brian Clark