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AFI Fest 2014 Review: 10,000 KM And The Space Between

10,000 KM is a film that knows exactly what it means to be in a long distance relationship. Having lived through one himself, director Carlos Marques-Marcet ingeniously communicates the experience through a minimalism that tugs at the heartstrings far... More »
By Zach Gayne   

AFI 2012 Fest Review: ALL THE LIGHT IN THE SKY Shines on Love, Life, and the Wonders of Living in L.A.

There's a warm fire to Joe Swanberg's All the Light in the Sky. Co-written by and starring Jane Adams (Happiness, Hung), All the Light follows a few days in the life of a moderately successful actress, Marie (Adams). She... More »
By Chase Whale   

AFI Fest 2012 Review: Amy Seimetz' Feature Debut SUN DON'T SHINE Haunts and Thrives

There's a small scene in Sun Don't Shine that keeps playing over in my head. A woman is telling a story about the time she was making a pizza and almost burned her house down. She mixed her prescribed... More »
By Chase Whale   

AFI Fest 2011: HAYWIRE Review

As Steven Soderbergh tells the story, he was up late one night after being fired from directing a major motion picture (it was Moneyball) when he flipped to a mixed martial arts fight on TV. Having never watched MMA, he... More »
By Ryland Aldrich