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Watch The ActionFest Tributes To Gina Carano, Cung Le, Jack Gill, JJ Perry and Mickey Gilbert

Though the 2012 edition of ActionFest has come and gone it's not too late to get a little taste of the action. Outside of the films screened ActionFest always makes a great point of honoring the professionals that make action... More »
By Todd Brown   

Kicking Asheville and Taking Names: Twitch Journeys to ActionFest 2012

A funny thing happened on the road to ActionFest: Having left Toronto just a few hours earlier, we arrived at the (aptly named) Fort Erie crossing. Rolling down the window, my friend and I were asked by a US border... More »
By Jason Gorber   

THE RAID Says Hello To ActionFest With Violence

Audiences at the just-concluded ActionFest were given a look at Gareth Huw Evans' The Raid: Redemption as a special sneak preview before the film arrived on local screens. The Raid's creators have a history with the festival, director Evans' previous... More »
By Todd Brown   

ActionFest 2012 Review: COMIN' AT YA 3D

[With Comin' At Ya having just screened at ActionFest we revisit our prior review.]Back in the 80's when 3D was taking its dying breath yet again, as it is starting to do now, a couple of guys based in Italy,... More »
By Swarez   

ActionFest 2012: SLEEPLESS NIGHT Review

[One of ActionFest 2012 secret screenings was Frederic Jardin wonderfully convoluted thriller, Sleepless night.  Here is a previous review of the film from our archives.]During an early morning drug robbery, the culprits make off with a dozens of kilograms of cocaine,... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

ActionFest 2012 Award Winners

After a hard-hitting, bone-crunching, and all around exhilarating weekend of action, the 2012 edition of ActionFest wraps up today with closing film, Peter Chan's Wuxia, repeat screenings of some of the festival favourites and a couple of still to be... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

ActionFest 2012: GOD BLESS AMERICA Review

If Bobcat Goldthwait was in charge of the Idiocracy doomsday clock, we will not have to wait until the year 3001, America is sitting at one-minute-to-midnight in the here and now.  Case in point, his protagonist Frank is a down to earth,... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

ActionFest 2012: I DECLARE WAR Review

One weekend day a number of the nerdier kids from the local middle school gather their sticks and twine and balloons filled with red dye, and head into the local woods to play capture-the-flag.  Oh, those tweens today with their... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

ActionFest 2012: HEADHUNTERS Review

Flat out surprises like Headhunters is one of the main reasons I attend festivals; a gem that pops seeming out of the blue (at least to North American audiences) and sets the bar for quality genre thrills.  The mechanics of a good... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

ActionFest 2012 Review: SOLOMON KANE Is The Pulp Adventure Conan Should Have Been

[With Solomon Kane opening the 2012 edition of ActionFest tonight we revisit our earlier review.]Life's a bitch when your soul is owed to the devil. It's even more of a bitch when you're not even the guy who sold it... More »
By Todd Brown   

ActionFest 2012: Where Guys Fly Rocket Packs for Your Pleasure

Picture this:  It is day one of ActionFest 2012 and I am going to pick up tickets at the Carolina Theatre Box-Office.  Oh, there is Rocket-Man testing out his jet-pack equipment in the parking lot. Video is embedded below.... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Exclusive: TWITCH talks with renowned stuntman and ActionFest honoree Mickey Gilbert

Mickey Gilbert is a tough sonofabitch, a direct line to the glory days action cinema. His credits go back decades, from his his dozens of roles in The Wild Bunchas and acting as Redford's double in Butch Cassidy, to... More »
By Jason Gorber   

ActionFest 2012 Unveils (Almost) Complete Film And Guest Lineup!

While they're still holding back a pair of secret screenings North Carolina's ActionFest - the manliest, muscliest film festival on the whole damn planet - have announced their otherwise complete film, event and guest lineups for the 2012 edition. And... More »
By Todd Brown   

ActionFest 2012 Announces More Explosive Titles: BAD ASS, AGGRESSION SCALE, LOST BLADESMAN, and More

Asheville, North Carolina should be bracing itself for serious damage to its collective cranium, as more titles were announced today for this year's edition of ActionFest, "the only international film festival devoted exclusively to action cinema and its unsung heroes."... More »
By Peter Martin   

ActionFest 2012 Unveils Poster, Opening And Closing Titles

ActionFest is returning to punch Asheville, NC in the face for a third year in a row from April 12-15th! And it's got a brand new poster plus the opening and closing films to share!The artwork above comes courtesy of... More »
By Todd Brown   

ActionFest 2012 Honours Gina Carano (The Inaugural Chick Norris Award)

ActionFest returns to Asheville on April 12-15 for its 3rd Edition ("This Time It's Personal!") and continues to grow stronger (cue work-out/training montage) whilst finding its sea-legs as the only festival (that I am aware of) exclusively devoted to action flicks.... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

Quentin Tarantino Introduces An Onslaught Of Vehicular Carnage In The ActionFest Tribute To Buddy Joe Hooker

Amidst a fraternity of men who make their living doing insanely dangerous things in the name of entertainment, Buddy Joe Hooker is a legend. With a whopping one hundred seventy eight stunt credits to his name - stretching all the... More »
By Todd Brown   

ActionFest '11: A LONELY PLACE TO DIE Review

Where has the mountain climbing thriller gone?  Was it ever here?  Sure there was the epic string of them in the 1930s in Germany and a 2008 adventure movie called The North Face, a couple great documentaries (Everest, Touching... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

ActionFest '11: Award Winners

With ActionFest well under way, they handed the festival awards today with many a montage and tribute.   Buddy Joe Hooker, Stunts Unlimited, Michael Jai White, Richard Ryan and their 30 seconds of Action film Contest, before handing out the... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

ActionFest '11: 13 Assassins Review

[Hey it's available on VOD right now if you wish to follow along, but in light of it being the closing film of this years edition of ActionFest, here is my TIFF review, rescued from the archives to annoy chanbara... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   
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