WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU: Watch The Trailer For Rob Grant's Toronto Selected SciFi Thriller Short

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A night of fun ends badly for a trio of bullied high school kids but not in the way you might think ...

Rob Grant's Toronto International Film Festival selected short does what all good speculative fiction should do: Taking a premise that feels familiar on the surface and twisting it into a surprising direction to force the audience to ask uncomfortable questions. And it looks damn good while doing it.

Three bullied high school seniors, Marshall, Leonard, and Dermot, are chased from winter formal and end up in a horrific car accident. In the aftermath, Marshall and Leonard discover they have the ability to 'reappear' completely healed after they die, while Dermot survives the accident but is paralyzed. Marshall tries to convince Leonard that they should kill Dermot so he will reappear healed before the police show up, rather than leave him paralyzed...

Take a look at the teaser below.
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