Twitchvision: Jason Gorber Talks Shark Week - JAWS And DEEP BLUE SEA

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A minor diversion this week away from talk of turtles or tornadoes, in favour of talking about two of my favourite requisite caetusian creature features.

Jaws needs little introduction, perhaps, but it's still well worth pointing out that this accidental masterpiece is a film that demands to be seen on a big screen (a reminder of my Blu-ray review of the film).

Deep Blue Sea
is Renny Harlin at his most effective, a terrific romp with the heart of B-movie schlock but some exquisite moments of suspense and surprise.

We ran out of time to talk about The Life Aquatic, but you all know you should see it, perhaps even joining me in thinking it may be the best of Wes Anderson's output.

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