Twitchvision: Jason Gorber Talks GUARDIANS, GET ON UP, And More

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Another huge Marvel summer blockbuster has exploded at the box office, this one directed by Super's James Gunn. I never thought Guardians of the Galaxy would hit it off with audiences, but I'm pleased to see it doing as well as it is.

I also looked at the ambitious but disappointing James Brown biopic Get On Up; the ingredients are there for something truly groundbreaking, but it all ends up too on-the-beat by the end.

Finally, a brief look at Magic In The Moonlight, a minor work from the great Woody Allen that shows that not every one of his annual works is necessarily a masterpiece.

Plus, for bonus coverage, here's last week's look at Hercules, Snowpiercer, and A Most Wanted Man, as well as a tease of Toronto 2014.

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