Jaycee Chan Drug Bust May Hurt Career But Save Relationship With Father Jackie

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In a strange twist of fate, the recent arrest of Jaycee Chan on drug charges seems to have brought him closer to his action star father, Jackie Chan. 

Earlier this week news surfaced that 32 year old Jaycee Chan, also known as Fong Cho Ming, was arrested along with 23 year old Taiwanese actor Ko Chen Tung, after they were caught smoking marijuana at a foot massage parlour in Beijing. Police promptly searched Chan's house, where more than 100 grams of the drug was found. The Lee's Adventure star has subsequently been put under criminal detention for "providing a shelter for others to abuse drugs" and could face 6 months inside, while Ko, who shot to fame in 2011's You Are The Apple Of My Eye, received 14 days administrative detention. 

In recent years, Jackie Chan has distanced himself from his wayward son, who grew up in Los Angeles with his mother, Joan Lin, and even talked about writing Jaycee out of his will. However, Chan Sr. took to Weibo yesterday to blame himself for what had happened, stating he was "furious and shocked" about Jaycee's arrest. "As a public figure I am ashamed" he is quoted in the South China Morning Post as saying, "as a father, I am in pain." Chan then goes on to say, "Cho-ming, take responsibility for the mistakes you make. As your father, I'm willing to face the future with you."

Chan and Ko's arrest could not have come at a worse time for the young celebrities, as just last week more than 40 acting and performance agencies in mainland China announced an agreement to boycott celebrities who take drugs. The management companies of both performers were quick to condemn their actions, but it is as yet uncertain what impact this incident will have on their careers. However, it does seem that Jackie and Jaycee are making some effort, in public at least, to reconcile - as Chan Sr. rushed to Beijing in a bid to get his son out of custody. Media reports suggest, however, that as the case is ongoing, Chan Jr. has only been permitted to see his lawyer so far.
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  • That's some zero tolerance right there. Meanwhile those in power steel the people's money and screw hookers all day long.

  • Yojimbo

    "more than 40 acting and performance agencies in mainland China announced an agreement to boycott celebrities who take drugs."What dicks I bet some of these guys subscribe to Rhino horn and Tiger penis as medicine.
    Which have no medicinal value bar maybe a slight placebo effect, were as marijuana does have medicinal value.

  • lesterThejester

    Its only weed. I thought he got caught with cocaine or something worse.

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