Forget BATMAN V SUPERMAN, This Is DEAR V/S BEAR! Bollywood Gone Bonkers!

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Holy shit.

Uttar Kumar's Dear V/s Bear looks like some next-level nonsense, scheduled to hit Indian cinema screens this September.

I know almost nothing about the film, but here's what I can share.

(a) The poster features what appears to be grizzly bear fighting a soccer ball while a handsome hero rescues a damsel in distress from a flying news van while laying in a bed of lava being chased by a separate group of grizzlies, all while being lorded over by a team of cops and/or gangsters.

(b) You actually get to see the soccer ball vs. bear fight in the trailer.

(c) This trailer has some of the shittiest CG this side of Birdemic and the acting seems twice as sincere.

(d) I'm SUPER bummed that the chances of Dear V/s Bear playing in a theater near me are somewhere between slim and none.

(e) I have no idea who/what "Dear" is, but the bear is ridiculous.

September 26, 2014.

Holy shit.
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  • Stu

    Holy. Shit.

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