First Teaser For Tsui Hark's THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN 3D Reveals A Tiger And A Mountain

, Asian Editor
Touted as one of the year's biggest Chinese film's, Tsui Hark's 3D epic The Taking Of Tiger Mountain is set for a 24 December release date in mainland China - one of the year's most hotly contested release windows.

Based on Qu Bo's novel detailing a true event, the film is the story of a communist soldier who went deep undercover amongst a gang of remote bandits in order to take them down from within. The film stars Zhang Hangyu, Han Geng, Lin Gengxin and Tong Liya.

The first teaser trailer has just hit the Internet, courtesy of Bona Film Group, but offers little in the way of character or plot information - it doesn't even use a proper font for the film's title, instead giving us a feel for the story's wintry setting and epic scale. No doubt more informative trailers will emerge closer to the film's release date.
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