Fantasia 2014: Twitch Wraps It Up With Our Reviews And Top Picks

It was a banner year, the 18th edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival. Yes, the festival is old enough to drink alcohol now in La Belle Province, and over the three weeks of cinema -- both cutting edge and delightfully retro, a vibrant development marketplace, several book launches, all night karaoke sessions and other assorted movie mayhem -- many a film was watched, many a conversation had, copious amounts of poutine and duck confit were devoured, and untold pints of Cheval Blanc were quaffed. 

While Fantasia is not quite the full on Spring Breakers Bacchanalia of Fantastic Fest, it is the friendliest high-energy film festival of its size. Nearly every night of the massive 22 day marathon stretches well into the daylight hours of the next morning. These all-night social gatherings see programmers, guests, volunteers, film-fans and other hangers-on congregate on the patio of the Irish Embassy only to later disperse in smaller groups to after-hours clubs, in search of high caloric food or other assorted activities to celebrate those hot summer nights in Montreal.

In terms of festival content, we have got it all broken down for you in our wrap-up below with links to our previews, reviews, and interviews and some of our thoughts on the festival's offerings from all of those who attended. 



Interviews and Features:

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Peter K., Andrew Mack and Jason Gorber contributed to this story.

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