Exclusive Stills From Nick Cave Documentary 20 000 DAYS ON EARTH

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor
A strange and beautiful beast of a film, I had the chance to catch Ian Forsyth and Jane Pollard's 20 000 Days On Earth while attending the Durban International Film Festival in South Africa last month. 

The one non-African viewing I allowed myself while there, this was time very well spent, a film I imagine would be equally compelling viewing whether or not you were already a fan of its subject, Nick Cave, given the unusual approach to the material. This is no talking head documentary, you see, and is arguably more of a performance art piece than it is a documentary at all, given how clearly Cave himself deliberately shaped what is on screen, but the end result is a fascinating look into the mind and process of a man who has remained a restless and vital creator across multiple mediums for decades now.

With Drafthouse Films bringing 20 000 Days On Earth to US audiences September 17th, we've got ourselves a gallery of eleven exclusive images from the film. Check them out below and remember you can click to enlarge!
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