Amazing One-Sheet For WHY HORROR? Doc Will Blow Your Brains Out

, Associate Editor, News
Wow. The one-sheet poster for the upcoming documentary Why Horror?, illustrated by the illustrious Goulish Gary Pullin, is truly awesome. His level of talent sickens me. 

You have the host and tour guide through the realms of horror, Tal Zimmerman, losing his pink stuff front and center. I believe that is John Carpenter up there with Romero in the top left. You have the Soska Twins up there in top right. Of course, there is no mistaking Kayako Saeki from The Grudge there to the left. Then there is The Deadly Mantis to the right. And I know why Tal is wearing electrodes. That is going to be a fun part of the doc, just you wait and see.

I do not know the significance of the Dias De Los Muertos girl, which is why I must see this doc. now!!!

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