Watch Grandfathers Misbehave In The Trailer For VIEJOS AMIGOS

Senior citizens in movies tend to come in two flavors: kindly grandfather types who offer words of wisdom, or grumpy, mischievous old coots with a twinkle in their eye who haven't forgotten what it's like to be young. It looks like we'll be getting a bit of both in the new Peruvian comedy Viejos Amigos. It's the directorial debut for Fernando Villarán, who makes the jump to film after a successful career in advertising.

Villarán scored quite a casting coup for his first feature, bringing together three of the most experienced and respected actors in our local scene: Carlos Gassols, Enrique Victoria and Ricardo Blume, who makes a return to Peruvian movies after a successful career in Mexico for over thirty years; his last credit in a local production was 1986's Malabrigo.

The veteran trio bring a wealth of acting and life experience to their roles as three eightysomething friends who steal the ashes of a recently deceased comrade in order to give him a proper send-off: at the stadium on the day their favorite soccer team, Sport Boys, play one of their most important games.

Seeing these three well-liked local legends sharing the screen and getting into all sorts of mischief is already more than enough reason to want to see this. Viejos Amigos opens in wide release on August 14th. The trailer below is in Spanish, but has optional English subtitles.

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