Thanks To Everyone Who Helped Mattie Do's DEAREST SISTER Blow Past Its Crowdfunding Goal!

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Not so much news here as a hearty thank you!

Back on May 19th we announced that Twitch and IndieGoGo were partnering up to help Laotian director Mattie Do - Laos' first ever female feature film director and helmer of first ever Laotian horror film Chanthaly - raise the funds for her proposed second film, Dearest Sister. Well, with a little under two days remaining in her crowd funding campaign we're happy to say that Do is now a whopping 27% over her goal which means she can buy a whole lot of pig blood. And a new camera. And secure the locations needed for the film.

In short you lot have helped make a little bit of history here, so good on you. And if you haven't chipped in yet ... well, it never hurts to have a little bit extra. Check out the original pitch video below along with her promise to release all the source files of debut feature Chanthaly so those so inclined can manipulate it into whatever form they want and if so inclined throw a few extra bucks into the pot here.
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  • Mattie Do

    And I'm going to buy bulbs. Now when a light explodes because of our unstable electricity, I can actually replace the bulbs. Sweet. THANK YOU everyone for being a part of this! I'm so excited that you guys are going down in Lao history as the people who helped Lao's first female film director make Lao's second horror film but first film ever in the country to get crowdfunded. Wha-what? It's pretty epic.

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