TAXIDERMIA Director Returns With More Brilliant Tales Of The Bizarre. Watch Palfi's FREE FALL Trailer Now!

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Hungary's Gyorgy Palfi is back to being weird. After turning heads around the world with the astounding Taxidermia Palfi's career - as with most everyone in Hungary - spent a few years on hold as the local funding system essentially shut down for a block of time. He still managed to get a couple projects out there but due to financial constraints they were more experimental works quite different from his early pieces. But he's back now, and how.

Palfi has just won the Special Jury Prize, Best Director and Europa Cinemas Label Award at the prestigious Karlovy Vary International Film Festival with his latest effort, Free Fall, and while the synopsis gives away very little the trailer makes it abundantly clear that he's back to being the Palfi of old.

A woman falls out of the window of an apartment house. On her way back, she witnesses seven stories, one on each floor.
Take a look at the trailer below!

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